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Tattoos have become increasingly common in modern times, with more people getting inked than ever before. However, finding the right tattoo artist can still be a hassle, as nobody wants to take a chance. Our client approached us with a desire to help customers find the right tattoo artist and assist studios in acquiring more clients. They requested that we build a comprehensive solution for this platform, including an Android and iOS app and a web application. This case study will outline the project’s goals, strategies, and outcomes.

Project Highlights

  • The platform caters to a diverse user base, including Android, iOS, and web applications, making it accessible to all users.
  • The messaging feature in the platform allows real-time, hassle-free interactions between tattoo artists and clients.
  • A portfolio gallery helps artists showcase their work, attract clients, and establish themselves as professionals.
  • The payment system is safe and reliable, ensuring easy client and artist transactions.
  • Artists can save time and cut operational costs by automating tasks like scheduling appointments and sending reminders, allowing them to focus on their craft.
  • Studios can manage their artist from the platform, including paying commissions or payments to them.
  • Clients receive timely notifications about their upcoming tattoo sessions, reducing no-shows and ensuring a smoother scheduling process.
  • Through the platform, clients can provide ratings and reviews for the artist or studio.
  • Allow freelance artists to participate in the platform to earn and expand their clientele.


  • Connect customers with the right tattoo artist or studio.
  • It aims to simplify and automate the appointment scheduling process, reducing the administrative burden on artists and studios.
  • The platform must facilitate seamless communication between tattoo artists and clients, fostering trust and ensuring clarity.
  • Allow a dedicated portfolio gallery where artists can showcase their work professionally, attracting more clients.
  • Integrate secure payment services to ensure artists receive timely and secure payments for their services.


  • Creating a user-centric platform that focuses on connecting clients with the right tattoo artist.
  • Allow artists to showcase their art virtually and present their work effectively.
  • Build applications in Android and iOS along with web applications for artists, customers and studios.
  • Apply robust measures for protecting client and artist data and financial information through encryption.


  • The platform helped streamline the appointment booking process, reducing the need for manual scheduling and minimizing booking conflicts.
  • Improved communication has led to better customer service, faster response times, and increased client satisfaction.
  • Artists and studios have seen client growth on the platform.

Our Client

A client in the tattoo industry wanted to increase their outreach and aid others in doing the same. They envisioned a platform that would allow clients to easily locate a nearby tattoo artist or find one to assist them with their tattoo needs. This proved challenging as there was no centralized platform available. The client approached Virnsoft to develop an Android and iOS application and a web application for wider accessibility.

Client Requirement

  • Create a versatile platform accessible on Android, iOS, and the web.
  • Streamline appointment scheduling to reduce delay.
  • Improved artist-client communication with in-app messaging services.
  • Provide features where artists can present their work on the platform.
  • Build a robust, secure and efficient payment processing.

Proposed Solution

Our proposed solution for a comprehensive tattoo management and booking platform utilizes the Flutter framework for seamless cross-platform accessibility on Android and iOS devices. This ensures a consistent and intuitive user experience. The backend infrastructure is built on PHP Laravel, which guarantees robust and secure data management. Additionally, the utilization of MySQL as the database system ensures reliable and efficient data storage and retrieval. This blend of technology allows for peak performance and scalability for future growth. Our platform empowers tattoo artists and studios to streamline their operations, enhance customer experiences, and achieve business growth while maintaining data security and cross-platform accessibility.

Why We Choose This Solution?

We have chosen the tech stack that offers the right solution to accommodate the client’s requirements.

  • Flutter allows tattoo artists and clients to easily use the app regardless of their mobile platform, improving accessibility and user engagement.
  • The backend infrastructure is built on PHP Laravel because it has a reputation for scalability and security. It supports efficient data management and seamless front-end database interaction.
  • MySQL was integrated to efficiently store and retrieve critical data. Its reliability and performance have enabled us to manage the vast amount of information generated by the platform while maintaining data integrity and security.
  • Flutter, PHP Laravel, and MySQL collectively provide a scalable architecture, allowing us to expand features, onboard more artists and clients, and adapt to the dynamic demands of the tattoo industry.

Benefit of This Solution

Our platform, which utilizes Flutter, PHP Laravel, and MySQL technologies, provides tattoo artists with a more streamlined approach to managing appointments, efficient communication, and a professional portfolio presentation. This leads to significant time savings and improved interactions with clients. Clients also benefit from easily booking appointments, communicating seamlessly, and exploring artist portfolios, enhancing their overall experience. Secure payment integration ensures trust between clients and artists. These benefits contribute to the growth of the industry, stronger connections between artists and clients, and increased success for studios and individual artists.

Key Feature

Connect Clients with Tattoo Artists

This feature simplifies the process of finding the right artist for clients, fostering trust and satisfaction, and ensuring that artists can reach a broader clientele base.

Find Tattoo Artists Nearby

This feature simplifies the search process for clients, promoting local artists and studios and facilitating last-minute bookings.

Online Booking System

The online booking system allows clients to book appointments at any time, 24/7, through the website or app. This accessibility enhances convenience for clients and optimizes studio and artist appointment schedules.

Portfolio for Studios, Artists, and Freelancers

A portfolio gallery serves as a digital canvas for artists and studios to showcase their work professionally. This attracts potential clients and allows artists to express their unique styles and abilities, creating a lasting impression.

In-App Message Service

The platform’s messaging system provides efficient and real-time communication between artists and clients. This feature is essential for clarifying client preferences, discussing design ideas, and addressing any concerns, enhancing the overall experience.

Calendar and Reminder

The integrated calendar and reminder system helps clients and artists keep track of appointments, reducing the likelihood of no-shows and ensuring a smooth scheduling process. It aids in time management and minimizes scheduling conflicts.

Studio and Payment Management

It simplifies studio and payment management for artists and studios. Artists can manage their bookings, schedules, and client payments efficiently, allowing them to focus on their craft while maintaining financial stability.

Subscription Model

Offering a subscription model empowers artists and studios to customize their experience on the platform. Subscribers can access premium features, such as enhanced portfolio visibility and priority support, providing value-added benefits and revenue streams for the platform.

Registration and Signup Process

The streamlined registration and signup process ensures a friction less on boarding experience for both clients and artists. Artists and studios need to upload essential documents to the platform for compliance and security.

Transparent Pricing and Listing System

Clients can view artists’ rates and studio fees upfront, allowing for informed decisions. This transparency builds trust between clients and artists, resulting in a positive and honest transaction experience.

The Result

We developed and delivered a platform for tattoo artists, studios, freelancers and customers. The client was pleased with the outcome and soon launched the website and applications.


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