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Video streaming has become the biggest content trend in recent times. Watching short-form videos on phones and smart TVs has become a norm. Our client, one of the well-known TV content producers, wants to build a dedicated application for swimming sports in the US. The idea was to offer on-demand swimming-related content directly to fans, athletes, and coaches with mobile apps and smart TV apps. They connected with vrinsoft to develop a comprehensive app suite, including iOS, Android, Android TV, and Apple TV versions. This case study will provide detailed information on how we approached and completed this project.

Project Highlights

  • High-performance Native app development for iOS, Android, Android TV, and Apple TV.
  • A dedicated development team to ensure timely delivery and streamline the development approach.
  • High-performance video streaming infrastructure for smooth content playback.
  • Responsive design for optimal viewing on all devices, including TVs.
  • Development of a user-friendly search function for content discovery.
  • Highlights from recent events, tips, podcasts, and more educational resources.
  • Various functions to save clips to watch later or access your history.


  • Provide easy-to-access on-demand swimming sports videos and information to users.
  • Allow users to watch race videos and highlights on the big screen with TV apps for both Android and iOS.
  • Create an app that helps swimming enthusiasts, athletes, coaches, and all.
  • Create a seamless user experience across mobile devices.


  • Develop native mobile apps for iOS and Android to ensure optimal performance.
  • Design a user-friendly interface for easy navigation and content discovery.
  • Integrate high-quality video streaming capabilities for smooth viewing of content.
  • Partner with USA Swimming Network to curate exclusive content for the mobile app.
  • Implement features like search and personalized recommendations for efficient content access.


  • Significant increase in app downloads and user engagement.
  • Enhanced user engagement with the USA Swimming Network beyond connected TVs.
  • Improved accessibility of race highlights and athlete interviews for fans.
  • Improved download rates, engagements and activities on the app.

Our Client

The client offers a wide range of connected TV solutions, including OTT platforms and more. They wanted to build an app that offers everything about swimming and training under one roof. This will help all who wish to swim professionally, athletes of all ages. This solution is also for coaches, officials, and swimming enthusiasts to stay up to date with recent news in swimming. To reach a wider audience, they want to build a connected system of iOS and Android apps along with Android Smart TV and Apple TV.

Client Requirements

  • Develop a mobile app suite for iOS, Android, Android TV, and Apple TV.
  • Provide a platform for delivering engaging content to swimming fans.
  • Offer athletes and coaches access to training resources and event information.
  • Ensure a user-friendly and intuitive app interface.

Proposed Solution

We created a mobile app suite for iOS and Android using Swift and Kotlin, respectively. We also used similar technologies for tvOS and Android TV. This approach ensures fast performance, a user-friendly experience, and access to specific device features. By building native apps for each platform, we make sure that the apps can take full advantage of the capabilities of each device. This includes features like hardware acceleration, GPS, and offline storage for caching content.

Why We Chose This Solution

To provide a performant and user-friendly application, we developed both apps, including TV apps, using native app development. Here is why we choose this solution,

  • Native apps provide superior performance and user experience compared to web-based or cross-platform solutions.
  • Multiplatform development like Android, iOS, and tvOS expands the reach of the target audience.
  • To collect information from a wide range of sources, Native app development is suitable for API integration.
  • A User-friendly interface promotes app adoption and ease of use.

Benefit of This Solution

The solution helped us build a robust and comprehensive app suited for both Android and iOS platforms. It makes content available on smartphones and tablets, which means that more people can access it. This is great for user engagement and means new fans can discover the sport who might not have access to connected TVs. Also, the mobile format is very convenient as it allows users to consume content on the go. This means that tips, race highlights, and news updates can easily fit into busy schedules.

Key Features

Race Videos

Access and stream swimming race videos from the past and latest events on the app or smart TV.

Event Highlights

Users can watch highlights of the latest swimming events and read the news about them.

Athlete Interviews

Get insights into training and how elite swimmers prepare for their race directly with athlete interviews.

Live Stream

Watch swimming events live with live streaming features on the app and TV.

Search and Recommendations

Find content easily with a search function and receive personalized recommendations based on your previous watch history.

News and updates

Stay informed about the latest news from the world of swimming.

Workout and Nutrition Tips

Access workout regimes from world-class athletes, Air Force veterans, and more. Also, find nutrition tips and recipes to stay healthy.

Educational Resources

Find USA Swimming University content for safe sports and learning techniques.

World Records and Archives

Watch the world record-making swims and archive footage of past Olympics and swimming events.

The Result

The client loved the result and launched the app's initial user base. They received positive feedback and encouragement from both fans and athletes. They launched the app for both Android and iOS platforms and gained instant downloads in the first months. The number of active users and engagement on the app is increasing steadily.


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