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The traditional method of keeping a physical copy of every receipt and bill is outdated. Nowadays, everyone has a smartphone where they can store important information. Our client was in a similar situation when they wanted to organize their paperwork for tax season. They approached us to create the application from scratch and add advanced features like a smart organizer and OCR technology. This case study will explain this project’s goal, strategy, and outcome. 

Project Highlights

  • Build an Innovative virtual filing cabinet for the users to organize files.
  • Allow users to manage household receipts and bills with one app.
  • Create a user-friendly dashboard where customers can find important files easily.
  • Provide automatic reminders and custom notifications for important due dates.
  • Allow users to search using the advanced filter to find important documents quickly.
  • The app works on mobile and web for easy access to documents on any device.
  • User data is kept safe through encryption and secure cloud storage.


  • Build an app to help people organize important papers and files digitally.
  • Digitize and organize essential documents effortlessly.
  • Offer custom email to the user where they can send email to store files directly to the app.
  • Create a user-friendly dashboard where users can find all files easily at a glance.


  • Enable OCR (Optical Character Recognition) for minimizing data entry.
  • Facilitate marking files as relevant tax items throughout the year.
  • Implement intelligent categorization and efficient search features.
  • Deliver automatic notifications and reminders for critical dates.


  • Simplified the document management process and file retrieval.
  • Allow users to easily plan end-of-year financial processes.
  • Enhanced productivity and file organization.

Our Client

During tax season, the client had difficulty organizing their paperwork and attempted to find an app or software that could assist them. Unfortunately, no available applications on the market could help with this issue. The aim was not only to organize the paperwork but also to keep it in an organized manner for easy accessibility. To achieve this, they wanted to incorporate an intelligent organizer feature that would allow users to easily tag and categorize important documents.

Client Requirement

  • Simplified document organization with OCR technology.
  • Provide automated notifications and reminders.
  • Create an intelligent organizer for efficient categorization and search.
  • Provide a personalized email to every user where they can send files to store them in the app.

Proposed Solution

Our solution utilized a strong tech stack that combined React Native for mobile app development and PHP for website development. This helped us create a document management platform that is both extensive and seamless. The app’s interface is user-friendly, and its advanced features are integrated smoothly into both the app and website. This allows users to easily digitize, organize, and retrieve their documents. Implementing Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology has simplified data entry, while integrating with service providers has made bill management easier. Users will never miss important deadlines or tasks with the app’s automated notifications and reminders. In short, our solution is a comprehensive one-stop shop for all administrative paperwork needs.

Why We Choose This Solution?

We select a range of technologies that provide optimal solutions and features to meet our clients’ needs. Here is why we chose this solution.

  • We were able to create a single codebase for both iOS and Android applications, delivering a consistent user experience across multiple platforms due to React Native.
  • The modular nature of React Native, as well as its huge library of pre-built components, makes it a great choice for an application with expanding feature sets.
  • To incorporate OCR features into the app effortlessly, we leveraged the large array of React Native plugins, notably those developed for OCR.
  • By utilizing open-source technologies like React Native and PHP, we optimized development costs without compromising on quality.

Benefit of This Solution

The advantages of this solution go well beyond making document management easier. We’ve allowed customers to rapidly digitize, categorize, and retrieve their vital documents from anywhere by seamlessly merging OCR technology, intelligent organization tools, and our chosen tech stack of React Native and PHP. This not only simplifies their everyday administrative chores, but it also adds to environmentally friendly practices by lowering paper use. In the end, the solution boosts productivity, reduces environmental impact, and gives users peace of mind knowing their critical data is secure and easily accessible.

Key Feature

Files Organizer

It enables users to organize their digital documents effectively by generating folders and subfolders, replicating the experience of a traditional file cabinet but in a digital, clutter-free environment.

Categorization and Tagging

This system of labeling ensures that documents can be instantly located, reducing the time and effort spent searching for specific files.

Smart File Manager

Allow users to easily store and access files with ease. They can find every important document with one glance.

Personalized Email Account

It offers each user a unique email address for seamless document submission. This personalized email account allows users to send documents directly to their account, where the app’s OCR technology can process them.


This transformative feature accelerates digitization and minimizes manual input, saving users valuable time and effort.

All-inclusive Dashboard

It provides users with a comprehensive overview of their document management, including upcoming notifications, reminders, and categorized files.

Notification and Reminder

Notification and Reminder system keeps users informed about important dates, such as document renewals, bill payments, and tax deadlines.

Help with Tax returns

Users can mark files throughout the year as relevant tax items, making tax preparation a breeze when tax season arrives. This feature simplifies the often-daunting task of organizing tax-related documents and contributes to a smoother financial planning process.

The Result

The client loved the application, and we exceeded their expectation. We understood the struggle of keeping the paperwork organized, so we built the application from scratch to solve it. The initial reviews were positive, and they are rolling out the application soon on the market.


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