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The client has a unique online service booking platform that caters to the needs of individuals with disabilities. They approached us with a requirement to develop a cross-platform app from scratch that offers a comprehensive range of support services and facilitates quick, reliable access to medical assistance and other essential tasks. In this case study, we will provide an in-depth analysis of how we assisted our client in meeting their needs and accomplishing their objectives.

Project Highlights

  • The client had a requirement to develop a mobile app where potential users can get medical assistance and support for other tasks.
  • Building a cross platform app for Android and iOS platforms, facilitating easy log in and registration for users.
  • Provide innovative features like displaying the month name, shift timings, and house name for easy navigation.
  • Provide a detailed price breakdown, ensuring clarity and budget management for users.
  • Foster a feedback system where users can rate and leave comments for support workers.
  • Offer mileage claim management for support workers.


  • Create and launch an easy-to-use platform for people with disabilities.
  • Allow users to manage their service needs independently.
  • Enable users to easily arrange support for medical needs and other responsibilities.


  • Develop a fully functional and user-friendly mobile app that is visually appealing and easy to navigate for users.
  • Provide customisation options, for users to specify service types, dates, and service frequency.
  • Inclusion of a rating and feedback system to improve service quality through user evaluation.
  • Develop an integrated system for managing mileage claim requests.


  • Higher standard of service from support workers.
  • Increase in user satisfaction and retention.
  • Increase in the number of app downloads on both platforms (Android & iOS)
  • Positive user feedback on platform usability and features

Our Client

The client has an online platform for booking various services. They aim to create a unique platform that offers seamless access to essential support services such as medical assistance and everyday tasks. To achieve this, the client wanted to develop a mobile app that will serve as a dynamic hub for both users and support workers. The app is designed with intuitive features to ensure a personalised and trustworthy experience for both users and support workers.

Client Requirement

  • The client requested a user-friendly online service booking platform for disabled individuals.
  • They wanted to include features such as displaying shift details, support worker's information, and qualifications.
  • They requested a platform enabling users to select shift types, dates, addresses, preferred support workers, and service frequencies.
  • They wanted to implement a rating and feedback system for users to evaluate support workers.

Proposed Solution

We developed a mobile app that is user-friendly, engaging, and works across different platforms to cater to our client’s needs. We utilised React Native to build native apps with jQuery, which helped us in faster development. Our goal was to improve accessibility and efficiency for users with disabilities by simplifying the process of booking services.

Why We Choose This Solution?

After carefully considering the client’s requirements, we choose a solution that encompasses all the necessary features and capabilities. Here’s why we made this choice: –

  • We opted for React Native for mobile app development to ensure a smooth user experience across different devices.
  • Our professional developers incorporated jQuery to improve the app's interactive elements and user interface.
  • We designed the app to offer a wide range of features and allow users to schedule appointments conveniently.
  • We integrated a feedback mechanism that enables users to rate their experience with support workers.
  • Our experts incorporated functionality for managing mileage claims efficiently. Users have the option to accept or reject mileage claim requests.

Benefits of this Solution

We helped our client become the leading online platform for persons with disabilities in Australia. It provides users with a smooth booking process, clear information, and transparency in cost. Support workers also benefit from the platform as it connects them efficiently with clients and simplifies mileage claim management. The result has been higher customer satisfaction ratings and an improved overall user experience on the platform.

Key Features

Focus on Accessibility

Designed specifically for disabled users, the application prioritises a user-friendly interface that caters to their needs.

Comprehensive Service Booking

Users can book various support services through the app, including medical assistance and help with daily tasks.

Detailed Shift Information

Users have access to a wealth of information about each shift, including the support worker’s name, address, timings, and house name.

Flexible Booking Options

With the application they can choose the shift type, date, time, address, frequency, and specific support worker (if desired).


They can view a support worker’s profile, including their name, ratings, and qualifications, allowing them to make informed choices.

Feedback and Rating System

The app fosters a two-way feedback loop by enabling users to rate and provide feedback on support workers, ensuring quality service.

Mileage Claim Management

Users can accept or reject mileage claim requests submitted by support workers, with clear details provided about distance covered, time etc.

Participant Shift detail_page
Support Shift detail_page

The Result

The mobile app received high satisfaction ratings from the client. The platform has facilitated efficient management of mileage claims, resulting in exceptional interactions and improved user satisfaction.


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