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  • Kotlin
  • PHP – Laravel
  • MySQL
  • AWS
  • Android
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Fitness and mindfulness are the number one priority for everyone these days. To help them enhance their activities and keep them motivated, most people use fitness apps. Our client wanted to develop a one-of-a-kind running app to help runners track and log their goals along with meditation. They approached vrinsoft to create mobile apps for both Android and iOS. With a unique concept of offering journaling and audio functions, we developed the mobile app using native app development. This case study will provide detailed information on how we approached and completed this project.

Project Highlights 

  • We use native app development to provide optimal user experience and higher performance.
  • Provide different functions and features to aid users while running and achieving their goals.
  • Integrated GPS functionality to track and offer accurate running data.
  • Provide a wide range of library of guided runs with audio coaching.
  • Add soothing meditation tracks for relaxation and focus, along with tracks for running.
  • Allow users to add personalized journaling to features to set goals and achievements through the app.
  • Added an informative blog section with expert-curated content for users on running, meditation, and wellness.


  • Build a user-friendly mobile platform to help users track their running activity and meditate.
  • Offer users a variety of features and functionalities to enhance their running experience.
  • To encourage mindfulness, provide meditation modules with different audio.
  • Promote mindfulness through meditation tools and resources.
  • Encourage goal setting and reflection through journaling.


  • Develop a user-friendly and intuitive mobile app with a focus on a seamless user experience.
  • Integrate features for run tracking, guided meditations, journaling, and informative blog content.
  • Offer a curated selection of blog posts on various wellness topics
  • Leverage social features to build a supportive community and enhance motivation
  • Implement data analytics to personalize the user experience, track progress, and provide valuable insights


  • Increased user engagement in running activities.
  • Improved user wellness through mindful practices.
  • Positive user feedback and app store ratings.

Our Client

The client wanted to develop a unique and extensive mobile app that kept running as its core function. To help people stay healthy and fit, the client wanted to develop a mobile app that encourages people to run and meditate for physical and mental health.

Client Requirements

  • Offer various features and functionalities for running and meditation for registered users.
  • GPS-integrated running tracking provides route, pace, and distance statistics.
  • Features for adding notes with categories for activities, text entries, and picture attachments.
  • Guided runs with pre-recorded audio instructions and for various durations with the option to add the user's own saved music.

Proposed Solution

We proposed a mobile app that is fast, reliable, and easy to use on both Android and iOS devices. Our approach involved using Swift for iOS development and Kotlin for Android development, which allowed us to take advantage of each platform’s strengths. We also used the Laravel framework for the backend, and the database solution is MySQL. The app is hosted on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud platform, which is highly scalable and reliable.

Why We Chose This Solution

To accommodate client requirements, we utilize native app development for a wide range of solutions. Here is why we choose this solution,

  • Native app development offers superior performance and a more responsive user experience.
  • Swift and Kotlin are well-suited languages for native mobile app development.
  • Laravel provides a secure and scalable backend framework with extensive functionalities.
  • MySQL is a reliable and widely used open-source database solution with AWS for cloud infrastructure.

Benefits of the Solution

We developed a user-friendly app with all the features our client needed. The app works smoothly on both Android and iOS devices. We carefully selected the technology for the app so that it can be improved and grow with the user base. It’s easy to expand and customize the app in any way necessary, thanks to the native app development we used.

Key Features

User Registration & Login

Users can register and access the app features with a secure login.

Run Tracking

For detailed run analysis, users can track distance, pace, route, and elevation.

Quick Start Runs

A simple option to start running with basic tracking without pre-defined settings.

Guided Runs

Choose from pre-planned runs with audio instructions for varying durations and goals.

Goal Setting

It allows users to set personalized goals to challenge themselves and track progress for distance, time, and pace with the app.

Lap Tracking

Records pace and distance for each interval during a run, providing deeper performance insights.

Audio Integration

Plays motivational audio during runs or allows users to listen to their own music.

Meditation Tracks

Provides a library of calming audio tracks led by professionals to guide meditation sessions.


Users can directly record daily activities, notes, goals, and achievements with text and image entries on the app.

Compete with Friends

Invite your friends to the app and compete with them for a fixed duration or length of the run.

Blog Content

Users can read informative articles on nutrition, running techniques, and wellness topics to educate and motivate users.

Progress Tracking

Monitors running performance and overall wellness trends over time to visualize improvement.

CMS Management

Allows admins to update informative app content like About Us, FAQs, and Terms of Service for user clarity.

User Management

Provides admin tools to view, edit, and manage user data for platform maintenance.

The Result

Our app was loved by the client, and they launched it on both App store and play store. They received positive feedback from the initial user bases. One of the features, competing with a friend, was a great success.


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