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Our company was contracted to provide support and software testing services to the client. The website was designed to enable the client to offer support to the community online. The client had launched the website but encountered numerous issues related to website performance, functionality, and security. Our team was tasked with identifying the root causes of these issues and providing solutions to improve the website’s performance and functionality.   

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Notable Milestones


  • Provide support and software testing services for a website solution.
  • Identify the root causes of performance, functionality, and security issues affecting the website. 
  • Provide solutions to address the identified issues.
  • Optimize the website’s performance and functionality.
  • Enhance the website’s security by implementing security best practices and providing regular security patches.
  • Provide ongoing support to maintain the website’s performance and functionality.


  • Develop a testing plan that will enable us to identify the root causes of the website’s issues. 
  • Perform load testing to identify the website’s capacity and performance under different loads. 
  • Identify the website’s vulnerabilities and conduct penetration testing. 
  • Provide ongoing support to maintain the website’s performance and functionality, including regular security checks, performance optimization, and bug fixes.


  • Optimized performance 
  • Increased user engagement
  • Improved security

Project Highlights

  • Our company provided support and software testing for a website solution.
  • Project objectives included improving website performance, functionality, and security. 
  • Our team developed a testing plan and proposed effective solutions.
  • Solutions included implementing a CDN, improving server-side performance, enhancing navigation, improving mobile responsiveness, and enhancing security. 
  • Results included improved website speed, reduced bounce rate, increased engagement, and enhanced security. 
  • The client was satisfied and retained our services for ongoing support. 
  • Our expertise in software testing and support helped to improve the website’s overall performance and functionality.

Our Client

The client started a company with a vision to revolutionize disability support services using technology. Today, their technology platform is transforming the way disability support organizations offer services under Australia’s NDIS scheme, making it a powerful force in the industry. 

Client Requirement

  • The client needed support and software testing services for their website solution.   
  • The client needed enhanced security measures implemented to protect against potential cyber threats.
  • The client required optimization of the website’s performance and functionality

Proposed Solution to fix operational process

We conducted a comprehensive testing plan that included performance, functional, and security testing to identify and address the website’s issues. We optimized server-side performance to reduce website downtime and improve website speed. 

We chose this solution because of the following reasons:


The results of our comprehensive testing plan helped us to identify the root causes of the website’s issues, enabling us to propose effective solutions. 


We conducted research to identify industry best practices for optimizing website performance, functionality, and security.


We collaborated with the client to understand their specific requirements and tailor our solutions to their needs. 


We leveraged our team’s expertise in software testing and support to propose solutions that were effective, efficient, and feasible. 


We considered the client’s budget and timeline constraints and proposed solutions that were cost-effective and could be implemented within the given timeframe. 


Key Features


  • 01. Rigorous Testing Approach

    Comprehensive testing plan to identify and address the website's issues.

  • 02. CDN Integration

    Content delivery network (CDN) implementation to optimize website performance and loading speed.

  • 03. Resource Optimization

    Server-side performance optimization to reduce website downtime and improve website speed.

  • 04. Intuitive Site Structure

    Enhanced website navigation to improve user engagement and conversion rates.

  • 05. Hassle-free Checkout Journey

    Streamlined checkout process to improve user experience and increase conversion rates.

  • 06. Enhanced Mobile Compatibility

    Improved mobile responsiveness to enhance website accessibility and improve user engagement.

  • 07. Robust Security Defence

    Security measures implementation, including encryption, regular security patches, and enhanced access controls.

  • 08. Dedicated Technical Support

    Ongoing support and maintenance to ensure continued optimal website performance and functionality.


Benefits of the solution

By optimizing the website’s performance, loading speed, and server-side performance, we were able to provide a better user experience for visitors to the site. This resulted in increased engagement, reduced bounce rates, and improved conversion rates.

The Result

The client was satisfied with the project outcome, which led to a long-term partnership for ongoing support and maintenance of their website.


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