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In the hospitality industry, developing a better guest experience and streamlining hotel operations are critical. Our client wanted to develop a tablet application that would allow hotels and resorts to provide seamless in-hotel services to their guests. They approached us to create a web application that works on both Android and iOS tablets. They wanted to create an easy-to-use system where guests can easily access various services while hotels can manage it from the backend. This case study will provide detailed information on how we approached and completed this project.

Project Highlights

  • Developed a user-friendly guest interface for accessing hotel services, movies, and internet requests.
  • Implemented a content management system for hotels to manage app content and guest information.
  • Provided a backend admin panel for comprehensive platform control.
  • Leveraged PWA technology for offline functionality and fast loading times.
  • Enhanced guest experience and streamlined hotel operations.


  • Improve guest convenience and access to hotel services.
  • Provide an interactive platform for in-room entertainment.
  • Offer hotels a cost-effective solution for guest services management.
  • Increase guest satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Simplify hotel operations and content management.


  • Develop a PWA to leverage cross-platform compatibility.
  • Implement a secure authentication mechanism.
  • Design an intuitive UI for both guests and hotel staff.
  • Integrate robust backend infrastructure for management and control.
  • Use scalable technologies to accommodate future growth.


  • Increased guest engagement with hotel services and entertainment options.
  • Reduced development and deployment costs compared to native apps.
  • Provided a future-proof solution adaptable to evolving guest needs.

Our Client

Our client owned a hotel and wanted to improve customer satisfaction using advanced technology. They wanted to create a system that makes in-hotel services easier and gives guests a great experience. The client decided to develop a tablet application for the guest to access dining, movies and internet while they can operate the function from the backend.

Client Requirements

  • Develop a tablet application accessible to hotel guests.
  • Provide functionalities for accessing hotel services, movies, and the internet.
  • Implement a secure login system for guest authentication.
  • Offer a content management system for hotels to manage app content.

Proposed Solution

We have developed a Progressive Web Application using WordPress to create a PWA. This approach ensures compatibility with both Android and iOS platforms, providing a seamless experience for all users. We integrated this system into existing management and entertainment applications, ensuring a unified experience across all platforms. Clients can effortlessly manage app content and functionality from the backend, while guests enjoy access to various features.

Why We Chose This Solution

To accommodate client requirements, we utilize PWA development for a wide range of solutions. Here is why we choose this solution,

  • Using WordPress allows us to maintain a single codebase for Android and iOS, streamlining development efforts and resource allocation.
  • Updates are deployed seamlessly through the web, bypassing lengthy app store approval processes and ensuring timely enhancements.
  • WordPress integrates smoothly with existing management systems, enhancing operational efficiency and user satisfaction.
  • The PWA delivers rapid loading times and smooth performance, offering users an experience akin to native mobile applications.

Benefit to the Client

This solution benefits the client by optimizing guest services, streamlining hotel operations, and providing a scalable, secure platform that can be easily managed and updated. It allows hotels to offer modern, efficient services that improve guest satisfaction and operational efficiency.

Key Features

Secure Guest Login

The secure login system verifies the guest’s identity and room details, ensuring that only authorized users can access the app and its features, enhancing security and privacy.

In-room Services

Guests can easily request room service, housekeeping, and other amenities directly through the app, making it convenient to get what they need without calling the front desk.

Movie Streaming

Access to a curated library of movies for in-room entertainment, allowing guests to enjoy a variety of genres and titles during their stay.

Internet Access Request

Guests can conveniently request internet access within the app, streamlining the process of connecting to the hotel’s Wi-Fi network without needing assistance from hotel staff.

Content Management System

Hotels can manage app content, including information, menus, and promotions, ensuring that guests always have access to up-to-date and relevant information.

Guest Communication

A two-way communication channel for guests to reach hotel staff enables quick responses to inquiries and service requests and provides a personal touch to guest interactions.

Push Notifications

Hotels can send targeted notifications about events, promotions, and updates directly to guests’ devices, keeping them informed and engaged with the hotel’s offerings.

Offline Functionality

Access to essential features like hotel information and service requests even without an internet connection, ensuring that guests can always get the information they need.

PWA Home Screen Icon

Guests can add the app to their home screen for quick and easy access, providing a native app-like experience with the convenience of a web application.

Hotel Information

The guest can access all information regarding the hotel and its amenities. They can also read about the hotel’s latest improvements and changes.

Multilingual Support

The app offers support for multiple languages, catering to an international clientele and ensuring that guests can use the app comfortably in their preferred language.


The Result

The web app was finished on time, and the client integrated it with their hotel management and entertainment system. The client loved the web app as it resonated with their original vision of a minimal yet efficient application that would enhance hospitality.


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