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  • Kotlin
  • MySQL
  • PHP - Laravel
  • Swift iOS


  • Website
  • Android
  • iOS


E-commerce platforms are one of the most growing trends in the market, and buyers and sellers can take advantage of it. While there are many e-commerce platforms in the market, they all offer a wide range of products. Our client wanted to build a furniture-centric e-commerce platform where buyers and sellers can easily navigate and transact. They wanted a secure website and mobile application for Android and iOS for their furniture marketplace. They approached vrinsoft to build this comprehensive platform and a backend where Admin can manage buyers and sellers. This case study will provide detailed information on how we approached and completed this project.

Project Highlights

  • User-friendly interface for easy navigation and product discovery.
  • Implemented robust search functionality with keyword support.
  • Added secure in-app chat for communication between buyers and sellers.
  • Streamlined checkout process with secure online payment integration.
  • Intuitive product listing and management system for sellers.
  • Developed extensive admin panel for platform control and user management for both app and website.


  • Build a website and mobile apps to help users buy and sell furniture online.
  • Allow sellers to boost their product listings for more exposure.
  • Provide deals on products that passed the criteria with original invoice and reduced cost.
  • Provide platform management tools and functionalities for Admin to manage the app and website.


  • We developed mobile apps using native technology for better performance.
  • Implemented secure messaging options to prevent users from leaving the secure platform.
  • Developed aesthetically pleasing and easy-to-navigate website and app.
  • Added CMS to add and remove content and features to manage the platform for Admin.


  • Increased brand awareness and online visibility for the client.
  • Streamlined the buying and selling process, leading to higher sales.
  • Secured in-app communication promoting trust and confidence.

Our Client

Our client, a UAE-based multistore owner of furniture, wanted to build an e-commerce platform for users to buy and sell. They planned to build a website and mobile app for Android and iOS as a furniture marketplace. With a secure payment gateway and safe messaging option, they wanted to assure buyers that the product was authentic and safe to buy.

Client Requirements

  • Build a secure and user-friendly furniture marketplace for users and sellers.
  • Add advanced search, detailed categories, and attractive deal options to the platform.
  • Provide a streamlined checkout process with secure online payments.
  • For Admin, provide statistics and generate reports, as well as a sales and management module.

Proposed Solution

We proposed using a strong solution with modern technologies to meet the client’s needs. For the mobile app, we picked Swift and Kotlin to make sure the user experience is the same on both iOS and Android with native functionalities. For the website, we used Laravel PHP because of its powerful and secure framework along with MySQL for efficient data storage and retrieval.

Why We Chose This Solution

To accommodate client requirements, we utilize Cross platform app development for a wide range of solutions. Here is why we choose this solution,

  • With Swift and Kotlin, the mobile app provided native user experience and performance for both iOS and Android.
  • A robust framework with integrated security features and effective routing capabilities is offered by Laravel PHP for Websites.
  • For user data and product listings, MySQL for Database guarantees scalable and dependable data storage and retrieval.
  • AWS for Hosting offers an affordable, high-availability cloud hosting solution with good performance.

Benefit of This Solution

The solution we chose gives our clients a platform that can grow with their business and is easy for users to use. This simplifies buying and selling furniture, leading to happier customers and more loyalty to the brand.

Key Features

Secure Login

Ensures user data protection with multi-factor authentication and encrypted password storage, providing a safe and secure login experience.

Good Deal

Allows sellers to upload invoices, cut prices in half, and provide detailed furniture information, offering attractive deals to buyers.

Advanced Search and Filter

Users can easily find desired products using various filters and search criteria, enhancing the shopping experience.

Detailed Furniture Categories

Furniture is categorized into specific sections, making it easier for users to navigate and find exactly what they need.

Secure Messages

Buyers and sellers can communicate securely within the platform without sharing personal contact details like email and phone numbers.

Seller Profile or Store

With this, sellers can create detailed profiles or stores, showcasing their products and gaining trust from potential buyers.

Seller Boost

Sellers can promote their products within the platform, reaching a wider audience and increasing their chances of sales.

Secure Payment with E-wallet

Facilitates safe and convenient transactions with an integrated e-wallet, ensuring secure online payments.

User Management Module

Admins can access and manage detailed information about buyers and sellers, ensuring smooth platform operations.

Product Management Module

Admins have control over all listed products, enabling efficient management and quality assurance of the marketplace.

Subscription Management Module

Admins can manage professional sellers’ subscriptions, ensuring only authorized sellers have access to premium features.

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The Result

The client launched the platform and received positive feedback from buyers and sellers. In the initial months, they received a large number of subscriptions for sellers and positive reviews from users.


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