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The digitalization of the financial sector has brought about many wonderful inventions that make it easy for regular customers to use. Our client approached us with the mammoth task of building a secure and safe eWallet that would usher in a new era of digital payment and offer standout features and functionalities. This case study will provide detailed information on how we approached and completed this project.

Project Highlights

  • Provided diverse payment options for user flexibility.
  • Introduced a virtual card feature for enhanced security.
  • Simplified group expenses with built-in split bill capability.
  • Streamlined finances with automated bill payment integration.
  • Prioritized seamless UX through an intuitive interface.
  • Optimized performance with native iOS and Android apps.
  • Secure transactions and payments for app users.
  • Enhance data security and privacy to keep customer data safe.


  • Create an eWallet mobile app with innovative features.
  • Enable multiple payment options, discounts, virtual cards, and split bill functionality.
  • Enhance user experience through native apps for iOS and Android.
  • Deliver a user-friendly interface for seamless transactions.


  • Develop an eWallet application with strong security measurements.
  • Utilize native app development for robust performance.
  • Add multiple payment gateways to add money to the eWallet.
  • Implement QR code-based payment using eWallet.


  • Improved shopping experiences through virtual card and QR code scan.
  • Higher engagement due to automated bill payment and split bill feature.
  • Positive user feedback on the intuitive UI/UX and innovative features.

Our Client

Our client is a reputable financial institution with years of experience in the industry. They aimed to develop a safe eWallet platform with exceptional features. Their main goal was to establish a state-of-the-art eWallet solution that appeals to prospective users and introduces a fresh standard for contemporary payment experiences.

Client Requirement

  • Prioritize a user-friendly interface that is accessible to all users.
  • Implement cutting-edge security measures and protocols to safeguard users' financial information and transactions.
  • Develop an eWallet application using native app development for better performance.
  • Provide various features and functionalities that are unique but useful to the users.

Proposed Solution

To build safe and secure eWallet applications, we used native app development technology as it offers smooth performance. We utilize Swift for iOS and Java for Android app development. For backend infrastructure, we used Python and JavaScript for development. This way, we can offer better security while still adding features like virtual cards, QR code payment, and others,

Why We Choose This Solution?

We needed a future-proof tech stack that allows future expansion and offers robust security and performance. Here is why we chose this solution.

  • Swift's and Java's compiled nature ensures fast execution and optimal performance, which is critical for handling financial transactions securely and swiftly.
  • Swift and Java are the official languages for iOS and Android, respectively. This maximizes the app's compatibility and performance on each platform.
  • The inclusion of Python enables us to leverage its extensive ecosystem for AI, data analysis, and automation, enhancing the app's capabilities.
  • The selected stack offers room for expansion and adaptation to evolving technologies, ensuring the app remains competitive and relevant.

Benefit of This Solution

We strategically use a combination of Swift, Java, Python, and JavaScript in our technology stack. By doing so, we can ensure seamless performance across iOS and Android platforms and offer advanced features like AI integration and dynamic user interfaces. We prioritize user experience, data security, and future scalability to deliver a cutting-edge eWallet solution that will redefine digital payments for years to come.

Key Feature

Customer Account Management

Seamlessly handle accounts, profiles, and preferences in one convenient section.

Diverse Payment Options

Enable direct wallet balance payments to vendors within the app and to accounts within the platform.

24/7 Chatbots

Access automated chatbots for instant customer assistance, addressing queries around the clock.  

Virtual Card Payment

Utilize a virtual card for wallet-based payments, providing easy card transactions. 

Personalized Discounts and Rewards

Access exclusive offers, rewards, and tailored discounts, all in a dedicated section. 

Bill Splitting

Collaboratively purchase items and efficiently split bills among multiple users using this unique feature.

Automated Bill Payments

Effortlessly settle bills and set up automatic payments from the eWallet.

Auto Wallet Balance

Maintain a predefined wallet balance by auto-transferring funds from a chosen bank account.

Digital Passbook

Keep track of wallet debits and credits through a comprehensive digital passbook.

AI-driven Budgeting

Enjoy dynamic budget recommendations based on spending habits powered by AI analysis.

Efficient Contact Management

Simplify payments by saving frequent vendor, friend, and customer contact information.

The Result

Clients loved our eWallet app as it exceeded their expectations. They started rolling out the application and received positive feedback from the customers.


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