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  • Kotlin
  • MySQL
  • PHP - Laravel
  • Swift iOS


  • Android
  • iOS


Real estate and construction are booming, and adding a nuance to this industry can help businesses differentiate themselves. Our client wanted to create a comprehensive platform where users can easily request emergency repair or ask for estimation. They wanted an advanced system where employees could quickly and accurately calculate the estimation based on a wide range of data. To build this advanced mobile app for both Android and iOS, they approach Vrinsoft. This case study will provide detailed information on how we approached and completed this project.

Project Highlights

  • Develop a mobile app to help with construction estimation or damage calculator for customers and contractors.
  • Provide an option to generate PDF, email, and link to send the customer the estimation.
  • Allow customers to send emergency repair requests in case of fire, mold, or water damage.
  • Allow employees to calculate the cost using room dimensions, time, and materials.
  • Develop a robust admin panel for backend maintenance and control, including users and employees.
  • Implement a user-friendly interface for smooth navigation and usability.
  • Security measures were added to protect user data and maintain privacy.


  • Create a reliable tool to efficiently make construction cost estimations.
  • Improve communication by making it easy to share estimates.
  • Quickly and efficiently respond to emergency service requests.
  • Ensure a smooth user experience on both mobile platforms.


  • Develop a native mobile app for optimal performance on Android and iOS devices.
  • Apply advanced mathematical formulas for calculating dimension-based estimation.
  • Leverage robust backend infrastructure for data storage and management.
  • Design a user-friendly interface for intuitive estimation creation and sharing.
  • Integrate a secure emergency response module with request routing and assignment functionalities.


  • Improved customer communication with flexible estimate-sharing options.
  • Faster response times to customer emergencies.
  • Reduced project delays through efficient communication and planning.

Our Client

The client is an established construction company and wanted to update how they estimate projects and improve how they interact with customers. They wanted to build mobile apps for both Android and iOS, which can help customers and employees estimate the cost of construction or damage. They also wanted to offer an estimation based on time and material used in construction or room dimensions-based cost. They want their workers to be better equipped and their work to be more efficient so they can estimate projects quickly and accurately.

Client Requirement

  • Develop a mobile application for construction estimation.
  • Implement both room-based and time/material-based estimation methods.
  • Enable sharing of estimates via email, PDF, and link.
  • Integrate an emergency-ready profile module for swift customer requests.

Proposed Solution

We suggested making a mobile app for both iPhone and Android using native technology. We planned to use Swift for iPhone and Kotlin for Android for native performance and smooth user interface. The system storing and managing the app’s data was created using Laravel PHP and MySQL, ensuring the data is secure and reliable. This whole setup was designed to meet the client’s needs for quick estimates and rapid emergency responses.

Why We Choose This Solution?

To accommodate client requirements, we utilize native app development for a wide range of solutions. Here is why we choose this solution,

  • Native development ensures high performance and user satisfaction.
  • With Laravel PHP, it offers a scalable and secure backend framework.
  • MySQL provides robust data storage and management capabilities.
  • Swift and Kotlin are ideal for their respective platforms, ensuring smooth functionality.

Benefit of This Solution

The solution we proposed will help the client calculate the estimation more quickly and accurately. With functions like estimation sharing, they can easily convey the cost to their customer directly from the application. It will enhance communication between customers and contractors. Also, they will improve the trust of customers as they can send emergency repair requests and receive a fair estimation on time without delay.

Key Features

Create Emergency Requests

Users can request emergency services for categories like fire, water, and mold, which provide detailed property and damage information.

Property Management

Users can add, edit, and manage multiple properties, including commercial and residential types, with comprehensive address and contact details.

Profile Management

Users can see and update their profiles, including franchise details. This makes sure that their personal information is accurate and current.

Room-Based Estimation

Allows employees to create estimates based on room dimensions and shapes, facilitating accurate and detailed construction cost calculations.

Time and Material Estimation

Allow calculations based on time and materials used, providing flexibility and precision for various construction projects.

PDF Generation

Automatically creates PDFs of estimates, allowing employees to share detailed and professional-looking estimates with customers easily.

Real-Time Notifications

Alerts users about updates, such as request assignments and status changes, ensuring they are always informed and responsive.

Admin Panel

Provides comprehensive control for managing platform operations, allowing admins to handle requests, user management, and backend maintenance effectively.

Add new property_page
Create new estimation_page

The Result

The client appreciated the app's on-time delivery and soon launched the MVP in the market. They received positive feedback from customers. Their employees are now utilizing the application effectively for their estimate calculation. They are soon going to launch the app on both the Play Store and the App Store.


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