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We helped the clients in developing a web application that leverages blockchain technology and a digital signature platform to perform digital signature on PDF and store it in a secure environment. The focus of our project was to create a web-based application that effectively utilizes public blockchain smart contracts for enhancing the security of digital signatures. Our team developed a secure digital signature web application to fulfil the client’s need for a trustworthy platform to share highly classified information, eliminating the reliance on untrusted third-party tools. The application guarantees the utmost security and privacy of the data.

  • React JS (Web & Admin)
  • Public blockchain smart contract for store sign in Metamask wallet
  • Web app

Notable Milestones


  • Secure platform to perform digital signature on PDF 
  • Enhanced document privacy and security
  • Integrate Blockchain technology
  • Communication through emails
  • Enforce encryptions for both sender and receiver


  • Developed a web app for electronic signature on PDF using blockchain technology
  • Used smart contracts to ensure the integrity and authenticity of signed documents.
  • Every signer’s signature gets recorded on Blockchain.  
  • The system ensures tamper-proof signed documents.
  • Seamless integration with the institution’s workflow. 


  • Cryptographically protected, secure platform
  • Improved user experience  
  • Enhanced data management    
  • Increased customer engagement and loyalty  

Project Highlights

  • The project leverages the latest technologies such as React JS, MySQL, and public blockchain smart contract. 
  • The use of React JS ensures a modern, responsive, and user-friendly interface for the platform.
  • The use of MySQL and a public blockchain smart contract provides enhanced data management and security features, ensuring the safe storage and management of customer data. 
  • The platform utilizes robust security features such as encryption and access controls to protect customer data. 
  • The use of a public blockchain smart contract ensures that customer data is stored securely and is immutable, enhancing privacy and security. 
  • The design of the platform was focused on the customer, with the goal of providing an easy-to-use and intuitive interface.   

Our Client

The client operates in the financial industry, where privacy and security are the utmost priority. Prior to the web app development, they were using third-party applications to digitally sign documents, but it lacked a protective layer. The client also had specific requirements that needed a secure platform to send and receive signed documents securely. The traditional tools and applications offer insufficient security, which is why they contacted us for web app development.

Client Requirement

  • To streamline the documentation process and collect digital signatures, the client required a secure platform to operate.
  • They needed an alternative to third-party applications for digital signatures that do not store or collect data.
  • The web application needed to be user-friendly and expedite the process of collecting signatures.

Proposed Solution to fix operational process

We developed a blockchain-based PDF e-signature web app for clients that addressed their challenges. It uses smart contracts on the Blockchain to enable clients to securely sign documents on PDF and store them on a tamper-proof ledger. It also used encryption keys to ensure the identity of the signer. 

Why we chose this solution: To address these challenges, the institution developed an app for electronic signature using blockchain technology. The app was built on the Ethereum blockchain and used smart contracts to ensure the integrity and authenticity of the signed documents.


The web application featured a user-friendly interface that made it easy for clients to sign PDF using their devices. It does not store any data from either the sender or the receiver. 


The web app used Metamask wallet to integrate Blockchain and create a secure encrypted key for the sender and receiver. The use of blockchain technology also ensured that the signed documents were tamper-proof, as every signer’s signature was recorded on the Blockchain.

Key Features


  • 01. User-friendly interface

    The web app had a clean and easy-to-use interface that made it simple for clients to sign PDF.

  • 02. Smart contract integration

    It was built on the public Blockchain and used smart contracts to ensure the security and authenticity of the signed documents.

  • 03. Digital signature algorithms

    The web application used digital signature algorithms to ensure the legitimacy and integrity of the PDF Esignature.

  • 04. Blockchain technology

    It recorded every signer's signature on the Blockchain, which made the signed documents tamper-proof.

  • 05. Blockchain Wallet

    The web application uses Metamask, a cryptocurrency wallet, to identify and validate users.

  • 06. Email Notification

    The sender and receiver get an email notification once the PDF is signed.

  • 07. Privacy features

    All documents are encrypted, and once the process is completed, the web application removes the data from the server. 

  • 08. Document management

    The web app allowed clients to upload, store, and access the PDF they signed, which made the process more convenient.

  • 09. Audit trail

    It had an audit trail feature that recorded the changes made to the PDF and tracked the signature process, which was helpful for compliance and tracking purpose.


Benefits of Solution

The integration with the Blockchain, seamless web application, and tamper-proof signatures ensured a smooth workflow and reduced the risk of fraud and errors. Additionally, blockchain technology helped the client meet regulatory compliance requirements and improve its overall workflow. The web application received positive feedback from clients and increased client satisfaction, and it served as a model for other financial institutions and organizations looking to implement similar solutions.

The Result

The e-sign web app exceeded the client's expectation to actively provide a secure platform to collect digital signatures. We implemented blockchain-based smart contracts to ensure the security of the web application and user's data. With a user-friendly interface, encryptions, and real-time email-based notifications, we helped the client streamline document management.


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