Blockchain Based Procurement Ecosystem Platform

Fire and Life safety is a priority for every commercial and government entity. Currently, no integrated and inclusive systems can expedite the process and simplify procurement. QuoteCorrect, is a comprehensive blockchain-based commercial property eco-system that offers direct quotation services for mandated inspections in the Fire Life Safety industry as well as other critical building health requirements. Let’s dive into the case study of how we helped our client build a unique web and mobile application that addresses this issue directly.  

  • Python Django Framework (Webapp)
  • Flutter (iOS and Android Mobile App)
  • MySQL Database
  • Fabrick Js with private blockchain code
  • Webapp
  • Mobile App

Notable Milestones


  • Seamless process of finding and procuring qualified service provider
  • Developing a proprietary blockchain-based platform
  • Deliver real-time data and analytics
  • Create an all-inclusive service platform to connect Clients and Service provider


  • Conduct a thorough analysis of the client’s business model, market, and competition before starting development.
  • Work closely with the client to refine the design and ensure it meets their needs. 
  • Follow agile methodologies and collaborate closely with the client to ensure timely delivery within budget.  
  • Implement security measures to protect customer data and prevent unauthorized access.  


  • Increased efficiency in connecting commercial Facilities with Service Providers for Code Compliant Fire Inspection Services.  
  • Cost reduction for Service Providers through location-based quote request leads.  
  • They improved transparency and accessibility for Regulatory Entities to ensure code integrity.  
  • A streamlined process for obtaining mandated quotations saves both Commercial Facilities and Service Providers time and effort.  
  • Enhanced data management and analysis capabilities for better decision-making regarding fire inspection services.

Project Highlights

  • Our team designed and developed a customized SaaS-based online portal and mobile applications that met the client’s business needs and objectives.
  • Build a private blockchain network to enhance security and transparency. 
  • Implemented End to end process for users to find suitable services.
  • We developed a scalable architecture to accommodate future growth and changes to the client’s business needs. 

Our Client

Our client needed a portal that connects commercial facilities and service providers. Instead of searching for different service providers, they wanted to create a platform that eased procurement. The client also wanted to utilize emerging technology to improve data safety and transparency for regulatory compliance.

Client Requirement

  • Develop a website portal and mobile app to create an eco-system for procurement  
  • Implement blockchain technology to safeguard data  
  • Add real-time analytics feature  

Proposed Solution to fix operational process

We created a bespoke solution that integrated commercial facilities, vendors, and regulatory entities in one place. Our team builds a private blockchain network to accommodate the client’s requirements. It enhanced the security and privacy of the platform and improved transparency and accountability. We utilized Python Django Framework for web applications and Flutter for cross-platform app development to build iOS and Android apps.

Why we chose this solution: We chose this solution because client was looking for increased bookings via portal and mobile app.


The project required higher security, so we chose blockchain technology to build it. 


We specifically select a private network to accommodate clients’ needs.  


We implemented Hyperledger fabric for blockchain development as it offers higher efficiency and faster transaction.


For quicker and safer development, we used Python Django Framework and Flutter.  


We utilized MySQL Database for safety and scalability  

Key Features


  • 01. Customer data management

    The portal provides a centralized location for managing customer data, including contact information, payment history, and service requests.

  • 02. Dashboard

    Customers can create a profile, submit quotes, and access information about service providers directly from the dashboard.

  • 03. Security 

    The portal includes blockchain-based security to protect customer data and prevent unauthorized access.

  • 04. Scalable architecture

    The portal is designed with a scalable architecture that can accommodate future growth and changes to the client's business needs.


Benefits of Solution

By implementing all necessary technologies, we were able to build a custom solution that added efficiency and sped up the procurement process. We followed every requirement from our client and employed a specialized approach to integrating every department in one place. We developed a web portal and mobile app for both Android and iOS to smooth and streamline the process.

We suggested and later deployed Hyperledger fabric, a private blockchain network with the portal to create a secure environment. A private network will allow the portal to handle every transaction faster and with better accuracy.  

The Result

The client loved the solution as it streamlined the process in one place. The client was happy as he received increased sales and customer engagement from the first month.


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