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Our client is a diverse team of professionals, including qualified lawyers, barristers, chartered accountants, and others. They approached us with a requirement to develop a user-friendly CMS website that could provide effective solutions to customers seeking resolution for their domestic or international issues, which may involve litigation, potential litigation, or legal advice. This case study will provide a comprehensive insight into how we helped our client to meet their needs and achieve their objectives.

Project Highlights

  • The client requested us to develop a comprehensive platform where users will be able to browse various pages and easily contact the firm.
  • Create an accessible platform for potential guest users to learn about the firm and its offerings.
  • Encourage users to engage with the website and contact the agency for legal assistance.
  • Integration of user-friendly navigation and responsive design to ensure optimal viewing across devices.
  • Implementation of robust security measures to safeguard sensitive information and user data.
  • Implementation of a content management system (CMS) to enable easy website update and maintenance.


  • To develop a user-friendly CMS-based informative website.
  • Providing comprehensive litigation solutions for domestic and international clients.
  • Generate leads and convert website visitors into potential clients.
  • Establish easy communication between potential users and lawyers & legal advisors through the website.


  • Create an attractive website layout that showcases the professionalism and expertise of the business.
  • Optimize the website to improve visibility and reach on search engines.
  • Conduct extensive research on the target audience and their preferences.
  • Use CMS functionalities to efficiently manage and update website content.
  • Implement user-friendly navigation to ensure easy access to information for visitors.


  • Successful development and launch of the CMS-based informative website.
  • Improved lead generation and conversion rates.
  • Enhanced brand awareness and reputation as a leading legal resource.
  • Simplified communication and better engagement with potential consumers.

Our Client

The client is a reputable community of qualified lawyers and barristers. Their goal is to help and provide solutions to individuals and organizations regarding domestic and international litigation issues. To achieve this goal, the client wanted to develop an informative website based on a CMS platform for their users. The purpose of this website is to provide a user-friendly experience where users can easily view information and contact the client for assistance.

Client Requirement

  • The client had a requirement for an online platform that could connect individuals and global organizations with experienced lawyers, barristers, and chartered accountants.
  • They needed the website to have an intuitive and easy-to-navigate interface, providing a positive user experience for all visitors.
  • They wanted to implement a strong (CMS) to facilitate easy information updates and ensure that the website remains current and relevant.
  • The website had to be responsive across various devices and offer optimal viewing and functionality on desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

Proposed Solution

We presented a solution to our client that met their specific requirements. Our proposal involved developing a user-friendly Content Management System (CMS) based website that could cater to the needs of various users. Our team used the latest web technologies and design principles to create a unique and user-friendly website that efficiently integrated the diverse expertise offered by our client.

Why We Choose This Solution?

Our clients have an extensive platform that was developed by experienced lawyers and qualified barristers. This legal team provides efficient solutions regarding potential legal disputes and offers domestic and international litigation advice to users globally. Here’s why we chose this solution: –

  • We utilized WordPress and created a visually appealing website while providing flexibility for future updates and expansions.
  • We chose MySQL for database management, due to its reliability and provided a stable foundation for managing website data efficiently.
  • To host the website and store media files securely, we utilized Amazon Web Services (AWS) S3 storage for website assets such as images, videos, and documents safely.
  • The client requested a platform that helps users find the right legal service easily. We bridged this gap by building a robust and scalable solution that meets the requirements for an informative website providing flexibility, reliability, and security.

Benefits of This Solution

Our certified team developed an informative website using a CMS platform, which comes with many benefits. The website has a user-friendly interface, making it easy for visitors to navigate and access detailed information about the services and team members. We integrated contact forms and call-to-action buttons to encourage user engagement, and as a result there has been a significant increase in the number of inquiries and potential clients.

Key Features

Responsive Design

The website design is responsive, providing optimal viewing and interaction across various devices and screen sizes.

Comprehensive Services Pages

Dedicated pages offer a wide range of legal services showcasing the expertise of lawyers and barristers to potential customers.

Structured Navigation

A well-structured navigation system which allows users to easily find the relevant information they need.

Team Member Profiles

Visitors can explore detailed profiles of the dynamic team of legal professionals.

Resource Center

The website features a resource center where users can get informative articles, posts, legal guides, and other valuable resources.

Client Testimonials

Testimonials from satisfied clients are prominently displayed, showcasing the track record of offering exceptional litigation services.

Contact Forms

Integrated contact forms to encourage visitors to reach out to the appropriate team member for cross-border litigation assistance.

Multilanguage Support

To cater to a diverse audience, the website offers multilingual support, enabling users to access information in their preferred language.

The Result

The client expressed great satisfaction with the website's user-friendliness and effective online presence, which improved accessibility for potential users.


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