AI Based Telehealth App

  • Kotlin
  • Swift
  • MySQL
  • ReactJS
  • Python
  • Google Duo
  • AI Framework
  • Android
  • iOS


Prioritizing physical health is very important, and ignoring our well-being can really affect our overall health. The traditional healthcare system needs many appointments and referrals, making it hard for patients to get care when they need it. Our client, a healthcare provider, wanted to fix this problem and asked us at vrinsoft to make a new telehealth app with AI. This app helps patients take control of their care and makes healthcare delivery more efficient. This case study will provide detailed information on how we approached and completed this project.

Project Highlights

  • Provide seamless user experience for patients and physicians on Android and iOS devices using Native app development.
  • We integrated AI to help with a symptom checker that can analyze potential health concerns and offer recommendations.
  • Patients can easily book appointments, start a secure video consultation, and manage healthcare needs remotely.
  • Integrates with health monitoring devices to track vitals and support chronic disease management.
  • We have employed robust security measures to ensure data privacy and regulatory compliance with HIPAA.
  • Using Web-based Admin Control, clients can learn about user management, appointment scheduling, and performance tracking tools.
  • Advance cutting-edge tech stack to help with scaling the app with growth.


  • Offer a secure and reliable platform for virtual healthcare delivery.
  • Increase patient access to healthcare services.
  • Improve communication between patients and physicians using the app.
  • Help patients get the best virtual healthcare experience using AI.
  • Provide tools for effective chronic disease management.


  • Leverage native development for Android and iOS to ensure a tailored and performant user experience on each platform.
  • Integrate AI features to analyze symptoms and provide educational resources to patients.
  • Facilitate seamless video calling using Google Duo or a suitable alternative.
  • Design user-friendly interfaces for both patient and physician portals.
  • Provide an admin portal for businesses to access analytics and change the app content.


  • Increased patient engagement with telehealth services.
  • Improved efficiency and convenience for both patients and physicians.
  • Streamlined healthcare delivery and improved overall patient experience.

Our Client

Our client operates primary care clinics that offer accessible and comprehensive healthcare services to local residents. They focus on patient convenience and use technology to improve efficiency and patient engagement. To meet the growing demand for telehealth services, they approach Vrinsoft to create a user-friendly AI-based telehealth app to improve patient access to quality care.

Client Requirements

  • A secure platform where patients enquire and get AI-based recommendations for health issues.
  • Utilize AI to analyze patients' symptoms and recommend them to a physician for a consultation.
  • Provide video consultations and appointment booking for remote healthcare.
  • User-friendly interface for both patients and physicians.

Proposed Solution

We proposed an AI-powered telehealth app built with native app development for Android and iOS. We built this app using AI for symptom analysis to streamline healthcare. We have also integrated with third-party health monitoring devices and facilitate secure video consultations. To help clinic manage the app, we provided web-based admin panel with management tools for users, appointments, and data.

Why We Chose This Solution?

To provide a performant and cutting-edge AI inventory application, we developed this app using native app development. Here is why we choose this solution,

  • Native apps development with Swift and Kotlin help optimize each platform, offering smooth performance and intuitive interfaces tailored to Android and iOS users.
  • We Integrated an AI framework to help symptom checkers. This framework analyzes potential health concerns and provides educational resources to patients, fostering a more informed approach to healthcare.
  • We use Google to help with secure video calling to improve patient access to healthcare professionals for remote consultation.
  • Integration with third-party health monitoring devices allows the app to track vitals such as blood pressure, glucose, and weight.
  • The web-based admin panel provides stakeholders with a centralized hub for user management, appointment scheduling, performance tracking, and data analysis.

Benefit of This Solution

We utilize native app development so that it can offer better performance with AI. Patients can easily learn about the symptoms, and the app can help them get started by suggesting a healthcare provider and booking an appointment. It will improve healthcare professionals’ time as AI already narrows down the symptoms.

Key Features

AI-powered Symptom Checker

Analyzes user-reported symptoms using machine learning algorithms to suggest potential causes and recommend next steps, empowering patients with initial health insights.

Secure Video Calling

Patients can easily use secure and real-time video consultations between patients and physicians, fostering better communication and remote diagnosis.

Appointment Booking and Management System

Provides a user-friendly interface for patients to schedule appointments, view availability, and manage their healthcare calendar, streamlining the appointment process.

Medication Reminders and Refill Requests

Sends timely notifications to patients to ensure they take medications as prescribed and offers a convenient way to request refills directly through the app, improving medication management.

Patient Health Record Management

Allows patients to securely store and access their medical history, including medications, allergies, and past consultations, promoting patient engagement and informed decision-making.

Health Monitoring

It connects with wearable devices to collect real-time vitals data, which allows remote chronic disease monitoring and personalized treatment plans.

Secure Messaging Platform

Provides a HIPAA-compliant platform for secure messaging between patients and physicians to help with ongoing communication and addressing patient concerns efficiently.

Access Control

Enforces user access based on roles to ensure data privacy and security within the app.

Dashboard for Performance Tracking

Provide the stakeholders with a centralized view of key metrics to track app performance and make data-driven decisions for improvement.

The Result

The AI-driven telehealth care app successfully met all the client's expectations, and they started the deployment. They are receiving positive feedback on AI as it can offer a higher percentage of accuracy in symptom assessment.


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