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Substance abuse and addictions are the slow epidemic of this century. Thousands of recovery centers are spread across the country, but they lack a centralized approach to monitor patients’ journey to recovery. Our client wanted a comprehensive solution for addiction recovery for clinics. In this case study, we will explore the development process’s goals, strategy, outcomes, and other important parameters.

Project Highlights

  • The app provides personalized experiences for patients, clinics, staff members, administrators, and family members.
  • Incorporating gamified features such as rewards and accomplishments helps patients remain involved and dedicated to their path toward recovery.
  • Patient-specific calendar offering detailed information about upcoming tasks and events.
  • Provide access to resources on addiction and recovery to enhance patients' understanding and empower informed decision-making.
  • Clinics can define therapy-specific milestones and assignments, accommodating individual patient needs.
  • Patients gain insights into their progress through milestones and visualizations, promoting a sense of accomplishment.
  • The app utilizes cloud infrastructure to ensure secure data handling and storage, comply with privacy regulations, and safeguard sensitive information.


  • Develop an application for individuals struggling with addiction to monitor their progress throughout their rehabilitation journey.
  • Create apps for patients and family members and develop website panels for clinics, staff, and admin.
  • Allow customization in milestones for different clinics and therapy types.
  • Set up the registration process for patients and invite code to access the application. 


  • Implement Incentive-centered design such as rewards, achievements, and progress tracking to keep patients motivated and involved in their recovery journey.
  • Create a robust chat system that allows communication between patients, clinical staff, and family members to provide continuous support and encouragement.
  • Develop a flexible framework that allows clinics to define therapy-specific milestones and tasks, accommodating diverse treatment plans and goals.
  • Integrate data analytics to provide patients and clinicians with insights into progress patterns, helping in refining treatment strategies and improving outcomes.
  • Ensure the app's functionality extends beyond mere progress tracking by offering educational resources and wellness content to support patients' mental and physical well-being.


  • Positive Feedback from patients and clinic.
  • Easy transition from traditional recovery method to app-based program.

Our Client

The client wanted a multifunctional addiction recovery app to help patients suffering from substance abuse. They wanted to offer these services to rehabilitation clinics all around the country. It will work as a patient recovery progress app and help with staff management.

Client Requirement

  • Create a mobile app that can be personalized for rehabilitation clinics to aid individuals with addiction.
  • Provide regulated access by allowing registration with secure invite codes.
  • Include interactive components to boost patient engagement and motivation.
  • Allow clinics to edit their own milestones and clinical assignments.
  • Create seamless communication channels for patients, staff members, and family members.

Proposed Solution

This project required smooth performance, data security, and easy navigation, so we implemented AWS S3 bucket services. For applications, we use native app development with Swift for iOS and Kotlin for Android to access a wide range of devices. We developed a web panel for clinic and staff members to access information, add tasks, or edit details. It will also act as a staff management module where clinics can add or remove staff members or check the details. For privacy, we developed an invite code-based login. Patients can register at the clinic to get the invite code to create a profile on the app.

Why We Choose This Solution?

We chose this solution because the app requires a secure platform for sharing confidential data for addiction recovery patients. Here is why we opt for this solution.

  • The integration of AWS S3 bucket services ensure reliable data storage and retrieval, allowing smooth performance.
  • We were able to access a wider range of devices and platforms by creating the app with Kotlin and Swift.
  • The web panel's staff management module enables clinics to efficiently manage their workforce, enhancing operational efficiency.
  • The choice to implement invite code-based login ensures a controlled and secure onboarding process for patients.

Benefit of This Solution

We provide a scalable platform by combining AWS S3 bucket services, which assures seamless performance and strong data protection through enhanced encryption. Using Native app development allows extensive accessibility, helping patients, healthcare staff, and family members to use the application on a variety of devices.

The clinic and staff web panel improves operational efficiency by facilitating patient management and staff monitoring. This solution, when combined with a simple navigation strategy, not only accommodates a wide range of user demands but also establishes a new benchmark for innovation in addiction treatment, enabling empowerment and change.

Key Feature

Addiction Recovery App

An extensive platform that offers easy-to-follow recovery journeys for patients.

Web Portal

Admin, clinic, and staff members can access the platform from the web portal.

Task, Assignments, and Events

To help with recovery, clinics can assign various tasks and assignments and ask patients to attend events.

Recovery Calendar

Patients can check the calendar in their app to learn about upcoming tasks and other details.

Chat Features

Staff can initiate a chat with patients to ask them about recovery. They are also allowed to talk to their family members and support groups.

Intuitive Questionnaire

Patients can take questionnaires to provide a correct assessment of how they are feeling, which helps the clinic set a therapy regime for them.

Informative Dashboard

Patients can check their progress on the dashboard with graphs and details about their milestones.


When a patient completes a milestone successfully, they receive rewards set by the clinic.

Educational Resources

Access to content on addiction, recovery, and overall well-being.


Patients can opt for telehealth, where they can directly talk to the doctors about their conditions.

The Result

The client was happy with the result. The initial launch helped many clinics and patients with the recovery process. Soon, it will become a norm to use this application to help recovery patients to show support and help them.


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