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    Wed Apr 21 2021

How can iOS App Development boost your Business ROI?

The market demand for smartphones has been continuously increasing, ever since they were first introduced in the market. Each and every person, from corporate professionals to business entrepreneurs to students is dependent on their smartphones. This dependency is due to the convenience provided by the smartphones.

Stats show a huge increase in the development of mobile applications. And this increase is due to the services provided by the application to the users. Many platforms are employed for the development of mobile applications and the two most major platforms used by mobile app development companies are iOS and Android platforms. Despite the fact that Android dominates the International app market by 85%, iOS is still considered as a preferable choice for developers. Let’s see why iOS is the perfect choice for the majority of the businesses.

Application Quality

iOS is a closed platform – because Apple has a complete hold over the software and device manufacturing division. Apple is very strict with its guidelines where app quality is concerned. So, any Mobile App Development Company that wants to publish their app in the app store has to follow the guidelines and protocols determined by Apple. The limitation in device fragmentation and hardware fragmentation is the reason why iOS receives higher preference by mobile app developers. Apple decided the guidelines for both software and hardware, and thus there is hardly any variance found in the updated version. This makes app developing easier for the developers.

User Experience

iPhone takes pride in their dedicated user group. The iPhone users are extremely loyal with the apps which result in the increase of iOS based application usage which in turn boosts the revenue of iOS apps. The iOS apps provide smooth user experience to its app users, and app developers favor developing apps on an iOS platform rather than any other platform.

Targets High Income Group

iPhones are designed for the upscale marketplace. People that fall under the category of high –income group prefers to buy iPhone. The reason behind its high price is high-tech functionalities and experience it provides to its end users which no other smartphone in the market can avail. Thus, the people that want better products and services would actually tend to pay more for such devices.

Minimum Bugs

One of the major benefits of Apple OS is that iOS-based devices are followed with very few bugs. As iOS development requires less coding lines, the bugs generated are limited.

More Visibility

The Apple store is structured into multiple categories and so the classification is based on the efficiency of the complex algorithm used in an app. App ratings and reviews of iTunes store help the users in choosing multiple applications.

Level of Complexity

iOS being a user-friendly platform simplifies the development of UI/UX for iOS devices. Frameworks are quite easy to operate which gives superior app user experience to the end users.

Strict Review Process

Even though iOS takes up more time to publish an app in the app store, the quality of an app delivered is of the highest quality. Before publishing any app in iOS app store, Apple makes sure that the established rules and guidelines are being followed properly. The prime focus of the review process in the iOS app store is on quality and user experience.

Even though, there are countless applications available in the market which are developed on different platforms, the application quality of iOS is unbeatable. Thus, if you want to develop an application for your business idea, then iOS would be the perfect option to select.


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