Apple and Twitter to Introduce their new Initiatives Rely on the User Experience

It is found that the actual users sometimes be in a very difficult position because of an overabundance information on web. When the users enter specific query string on the web, they get lots of things to listen, to read, to watch, etc. The giants of IT industry, Apple and Twitter have introduced their new versions of curation. They give more value to the humans with compare to machines.

IT Consultant

Apple’s new music and news services and twitter’s project lightning initiatives will rely on this fundamental to offer the finest user experience. Apple music is somewhat complex and multifaceted beast. But the curators have made it an amazing end-user experience of hearing apple music. Now, the beats 1 radio station plays music for 24 hours that is amazing and user feel great to listen. This music will not be relying on the basis of research or drumbeats. The users will listen the great music for the fun experience.

There is a hope that, this smart effort of curated playlist will lead Apple to stand superior in the competition. For the apple news, this idea is going to be represented in a different way. They will collect the news from multiple resources and news aggregators. Apple will employ the expert editors for picking out the interesting and relevant part of news for promotion.

People always go through the strong social media Twitter to know about all life events with the second screen experience. Twitter is now making a plan to have the tailored collections with the rich visuals. Along with the Apple, Twitter is also seeking to hire a team of expert editors. Data tools will be used to get the factual and more valued information for the most recent trends. They understand that intelligent algorithms and machines are good to optimize. But, they have their limits. Apple and Twitter both are now working on the common approach. They know that human input is more valuable for the best user experience.

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