Accurately performing Bug Tracking Software in a Practice

A quality assurance team can test the software through the manual testing. But as of now, many online tools are there for the bug finding. All of them have many common features. Common bug tracking software consists of some certain features such as reporting facility, Assigning, workflow-life cycle stages, reports, storage and retrieval, etc. Let me introduce some most popular bud tracking tools to you.



Bugzilla is a web-based bug tracker developed by the Mozilla. Many expert professionals of Quality Assurance optimize this tool, as it is open source software.  It supports a compatible database management system. Bugzilla is the best tool for the mobile app testing, desktop testing, and website testing because of its utilization convenience. It is also known to integrate with the test management instruments.


It is identified to track any kind of issue, without fail. To arrive with the finest web based projects the testers utilize it for the proprietary issue tracking. It functions the tasks of bug tracking, issue tracking, and project management. This software is available for the first 7 days free trial.


This bug tracker has been introduced initially, during the year 2000. It is developed in the PHP scripting language and supports MySQL, PostgreSQL databases and web server. Anyone can install this tool on Windows, Linux or MAC OS. A certain benefit of Mantis is that, even the inexperienced users can also navigate it easily.

HP ALM/Quality Center:

HP ALM is an end-to-end test management solution according to the experts of testing. In a practice, its robust bug tracking mechanism does the bug tracking tasks very easily and efficiently. It charges for the bug tracking, after a free trial.


This tool improves the quality of your software by tracking the bugs smartly. It will be very easy for the Tester to know that, what is going wrong.


I suggest utilizing TestTrack for the issue and defect management. It automates the most complex processes easily. The TestTrack specifies all the issues with detailing. Flexibility and high scalability to create, organize and track thousands of bugs and defects decreases the work complexity of the tester.

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