A Glimpse into 2023: Google’s Multi-Modal Search Transformation

In recent months, Google has been slowly introducing the public to a new way of thinking about search, which is likely to be a characteristic of our future interactions with the platform.  

Searching the internet has been a text-based activity from its origin, based on the notion of identifying the best match between the searcher’s intent and a collection of results shown in the form of text links and content snippets.  

However, in this new phase, search is becoming increasingly multi-modal — capable of handling input and output in various media such as text, pictures, and sound.  

At its peak performance, multimodal search offers a higher level of intuitiveness and convenience compared to conventional methods.  

Therefore, as a digital marketing expert, staying ahead with the latest updates and tools is vital.  

The emergence of social media platforms like Instagram, Snapchat, and TikTok has changed user expectations to prioritize visual and instant interaction with content.  

This shift in user behavior has influenced Google to consider search as a multi-modal activity.  

As a seasoned online corporation, Google has adapted to these shifting expectations.  

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