A Complete Guide to Hire Dedicated Development Team

Hire Dedicated development team

We live in an era of continuous changes in the technology and businesses have to keep up with the latest trends in the market. Companies that do not adapt to these changes will left behind in the competition. They can either upgrade their infrastructure, hire new programmers or they can simply outsource the work or hire dedicated development team.

Contrary to the popular belief, developers offer more than just software development solution. The development teams are packaged deal with experts in all fields, proven work experience and provide total support.

When to Hire a Dedicated Development Team? 

Limited Budget 

When your budget for the development is limited and hiring programmers for in-house team is not an option, you can consider hiring dedicated software developers.  

Requirement for an Expert 

When you need an expert developer to complete the project and maintain overall quality throughout the progression of the work, it can be a good idea to hire experienced developer.

Access to better infrastructure 

Small to medium size companies don’t have access to the infrastructure to take manage the tasks in an organized way. You may ask the software development about what type of infrastructure they have in place. 

Fast turnaround 

Most of the companies need projects to be done in limited amount of time. This is not possible with in-house team because of too many variables. Outsourcing the task to developer team assures the completion of the project in time. 

8 Reasons to Hire Dedicated Software Development Company 

Cost Effective

Hiring a dedicated development team is challenging but it is much cheaper than establishing it in-house. Most startups and small companies choose to hire rather than create a whole new department. It takes lots of time, efforts and expense to create a work environment for the developers.

Apart from that, hiring a dedicated developer or software development team is cost effective because it doesn’t require a lot of changes. No need to hire separate staff for a project or teach the existing one. The trained professionals have the technical know-how about software development and are capable of catering to diverse project requirements. In the end, the cost to hire dedicated developer is much more reasonable than other way around.


Most companies doubt the dedication of such teams or they think the work will be subpar or unreliable, but this is a myth. All you need to do is hire reliable software development company and you will be able to get the desired results.

Specialist in their Field 

Software development companies have highly specialized staff that works on a single project at one time. These programmers have years of experience in this field and follow the time table accordingly.

One of the main reasons why companies from all around the world hire experienced development team is because of the diversified global talent pool. When companies outsource task to reliable and experienced software development agencies, they provide best of the best programmers from different part of the world. With their experience in specific fields, clients get better result in timely manner. 

Check the portfolio

There is no shortage of software developers and it is the reason why startups and small enterprises look for hiring dedicated software developers. You can check the work samples of the professionals before hiring. Nobody would prefer to waste time and money on the companies that don’t have enough experience with full life cycle software development. 

It is important to check the portfolio of the software development agencies. Clients can go through past work and check the testimonials and references; they can also contact past clients to understand firms work ethics. With an experienced development team, project would need less oversight and inputs.

All services Under One Umbrella

Most companies hire freelance software developers because it’s easy to manage them and they are hired to do one single task in project. If you want to build a software from scratch, you may have to hire a team of designers, developers, QA professionals, project managers, business analysts and more. You can hire a team of professionals from one single company rather than hiring individual freelancers from multiple locations.

When you hire dedicated development team, it comes with a whole team, just like a consolidated package. Experts on every field with years of experience work as one team. Clients only need to communicate with one person to get update on the progress of their project. It saves time and reduces cost of managing different programmers. This arrangement also solves the problem of employees leaving projects in the middle because the development team can always replace them. 


Just as the companies rely on dedication of development team, they also expect them to take responsibility. With all the moving parts of projects and strict deadlines, they cannot compromise on quality. If something goes wrong, development teams are responsible for the mishap and need to fix it immediately. 

Development teams invest their time and efforts for the completion of the projects and it will reflect on their work too. They are accountable for every achievement and every mistake also. They dedicate 100% of their resource to one client along with support on multiple channels. They are also available for any emergency session for any changes that requires immediate attention.  

Agile and Adaptable

No one knows the next technological advancement in your field and for that you need a team that can adapt to the changes and stay flexible. Companies with in-house team face this issue constantly. If they need to make new changes with new technology, they need to hire someone or wait for their staff to learn it.

With dedicated software developers, companies don’t need to worry about adapting to something new. If the project demands get changed, development teams simply replace the programmers and continue the project. Now companies can release new updates, migrate to new technologies without any delay. Experienced dedicated developers provide total support and make the transition as smooth as possible for the company. 


One of the main goals to outsource development project is to receive constant communication and support. Development teams have project coordinators, who are single point of contact between companies and the developers. This allows companies to check on the progress, provide suggestions, changes and check overall workflow of the project from one place. 

While hiring a dedicated development team, don’t think it as an outsourcing model, but think of it as an extension of your current team. That way, companies and development teams have multiple channels of communication to the appropriate counterpart on both the sides. With project management tools, anyone with the access can check on the progress at any time. 

How to Hire the right dedicated Development Team? 

Before hiring a team, make sure to follow these steps for achieving great success.  

Find the Best Development Team 

It’s not easy to find a team of professionals that is a perfect match for your project requirements. You can use the search engine to find the best developers to work on your project.  

Check Portfolio and Reference 

Once you find a team, check their portfolio. Find out if the developers have worked on a project similar to yours. If they have any references, check up on them. If not, find the old projects and contact the company to get information about the quality of work. You can always contact them and ask for the references. 

Convey Your Requirements

First step of communication is always about requirement gathering, and explaining what your project is about. Clarify the goals and assign tasks to the team and ask for their opinion. Most teams work with all kind of projects but some of them are only specialized in one type of task. Send them a document with all your requirements, end goal, budget, time limit and other important details. 

Set a Budget 

This is one of the most important steps for any project. A fixed budget can clear out lots of issues; if the development team does not agree with the budget, you can move on to another service provider. A fixed budget also makes sure that you don’t spend extra on other services that are offered by the development team. 

Set up an Interview

Once you clear out all of the above steps, now it’s time to find more about the company and their working model. There are few simple questions that can determine the quality and work ethics of any company. You can set up a meeting and ask relevant questions to clarify your doubts before hiring one. Some common questions are: Do you have any experience with project similar to my requirements? How many hours can you dedicate to the project?  

Select a Team and Sign NDA

Once you ask all the important questions and select a team, make sure to sign an NDA with them. It will allow you to keep all the data private and development team cannot replicate your project. 


Most people think that outsourcing is only affordable for the big companies but that is a myth. There are thousands of options to choose from and cost of hiring a development team varies. Now any individual or small companies can hire team of developers to complete their project on time and in budget. You can hire expert team of developers from VrinSoft Technology as we have worked on several projects for our clients worldwide.

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