6 Features You Must-have In Your Fitness App

There are several types of apps in the app industry and the existence of fitness apps doesn’t come as a surprise. In the busy schedule of life, it has become a necessity for people to stay fit. Some people choose to go to a gym and some people work out on their own. And the one thing common about them is that they all choose fitness apps to keep track of their workout. Surveys show that one of the leading companies of fitness app (Fitbit) has an approximate rate of 20,000 downloads per day followed by Nike’s run club with over 6000 downloads per day and the list goes on. So if you manage to build a decent enough app you can reel in similar kind of profits too. But do you know, what are the features that you must have a fitness app to gain such profit? Or what does a user look for in a fitness app? Continue reading ahead and find out.

Fitness App Development

Progress tracking and sharing

One of the important things during a workout that users like to do is to keep track of their progress. The calories that they have burnt, the total time that they worked out are some of the things that they want to know. Introduce a feature that will chart those things on a monthly and weekly basis. You can use the GPS of the device to track the distance that they have walked or cycled. As for the workout in the gym, your app can interact with other wearable workout devices.

Many users want other people to see the progress they make after the workout. So they share their gym pictures on social media. You can convert that trend from gym pictures to sharing their progress chart on social media. Let them share their workout hours, target sets and the number of calories that they have burnt on social media. This will surely get people downloading your app.

Diet & nutrition plan

Many people are really health conscious and they take care of the food that they eat. But many don’t know the difference between healthy food and the food that just add up to their calories. You can add an informative feature for the users who seek nutritious diet plans. You can ask for data like weight and regular calorie intake based on which your app can suggest a diet plan which is nutritious. You can suggest healthy food and the amount of water intake which is healthy for the user.

Push notification

Many times user gets lazy after a few days of work out. A feature of push notification informing users how close they are to their goal may turn them back from their laziness. Like e-commerce app, a fitness app can also send out notification which may help the user to go and burn some calories and have a nutritious diet. You can also send a personalized notification to the user about a healthy diet plan, amount of water intake and exercise tips.

Instructive exercise tips

It is an extremely useful feature to have on an application especially for a person that works out on his own. In the gym, the trainer tells you the proper way to complete the exercise. But for a person who works out on his own, this app could take place of gym trainer. The feature can tell the user the exact way to perform an exercise set. Due to a rigorous workout routine, many people face medical problems, but with the help of this feature, the user won’t have to worry about it.

Integrating your app with wearable workout devices

Given that your app doesn’t monitor body vitals make sure that you integrate your app with wearable workout devices as they are trending nowadays. Surveys suggest that the sale of wearable workout devices was 8.8 billion US dollars in 2017. Hence, supporting wearable devices can prove out to be really profitable as the sales of such devices are only going to increase with time thereby increasing the chances of making profits for your app too. Apple’s HealthKit can be used for iOS app and Google Fit for Android apps as storage. You should also use different manufacturer’s API to support wearable devices on your app.

Workout playlist

There are different music apps customized for workout music. They can also be integrated into your app. You can suggest workout music to your users and they can select if they like. You can also enable radio feature through your app. This saves them from the trouble of opening multiple apps at once. This kind of feature is gaining popularity day by day.

Final thoughts

We have discussed the features that a fitness app must have. If you are able to include these features in your application, you can reel in a decent profit. Building a fitness app is not an easy task but you can always outsource it to the App Development companies out there.

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