The Best 3D Touch Shortcuts in iPhone you Probably didn’t know

Apple’s latest iPhone 6S and 6S Plus has created much buzz. If you own either of these two phones, you could use the numerous 3D touch features which are in built in the models. Few of these features include:

3D touch mobile app

Calling favorite contacts

3D touch gestures of the iPhone make it extremely simple to place a call to your favorite contacts. All you may need to do is press down the icon of Phone app. As soon as you do it, the 3D touch opens a window of three contacts. Tap on any one of these contacts to place a call. You can edit the contacts in the favorite contacts to include at the top of the list the people you call most frequently.

Quick selfie

You are fond of taking selfies, the 3D touch gestures make it simple. To take a quick selfie on iPhone 6S or Plus, press down on camera icon. Tap on the Take Selfie option to get a quick picture.

Directions home

In case you are lost in an unfamiliar place and need help with directions to your home, the iPhone 6S comes to your rescue. You can use the 3D touch for instant access to Apple or Google maps. Tap on Directions Home and your pone becomes a guide to help you find the directions to your abode.

See emails

3D touch on the iPhone enables you to get a preview of the mails in your mailbox. Go to the Mail app and from the main menu; press on an email in your inbox. This can let you preview a part of the email without having to open the entire mail. If you press for a longer time, the email message pops up instantly giving you quick access to your emails. Most Mobile App Development India companies prefer to develop app for iPhone owing to its 3D touch gestures which provide ease of use.

See group text participants

The 3D touch enables you to see in an instant the participants in a group text. Press on the icons situated on the left side of the message from the list in the Message app to see all contacts in a group text.

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