Google Manifestos at Google I/O 2018

Google kicked off its three-day event with Sundar Pichai’s Keynote speech at Shoreline Amphitheater in Mountain View, California. The announcements on the first day were focused on the potential of AI and use of AI in Google products. The use of AI has completely automated the use of Google products and its respective operating systems. Apart from that, the speakers also discussed the advantages that developers will have developing their application that supports Google’s new AI. There are many new APIs introduced in this event which Google promised the developers will get their hands on the next month. Here are some of the features and technologies that were announced yesterday at the Google I/O event of 2018.

Google goes AI

The complete day one was focused on the advantages of AI and the application of AI in the existing Google products. Google has redefined their research and development department to completely focus on AI. With the help of AI Google has developed new hardware such as the new TPU 3.0. The TPU is 8 times faster and powerful than the previous models of the pod. This will also give a fierce completion to the brands that use AI in their system. You will see further use of AI in the remaining article.

New Google Photo

The new Google photo is re-imagined with the new developed AI for the system where it can detect the photos based on the location where the photo was taken and the people in the image. This has given easy accessibility of pictures to the users. The photos can be easily sorted and organized based on the user’s personalization. The security of the pictures will be the high priority which will be encrypted and protected by the security system that is powered by the same AI that runs the Google photos.

Smart Displays

Google is working on a smarter display which will support quality videos in the re-imagined display of the devices. The Google will launch its smart display in July where it will be powered by Google Assistant and YouTube. Google has invested a great deal in the smart displays and is willing to innovate more in this display.

New Google Maps

Google team has integrated Google maps with new AI features and has made it much smarter and faster. The Google uses AI and AR that can easily show the user directions to the user with the help of the camera of the device. The Google map integrates digital input from the camera and street view input from the Google database and recognizes the landmarks. The maps also use NLP (Natural Language Processing) so that it can understand the needs of the user in a much efficient way.

Google News

The Google News will now use AI to recognize your news searching pattern and can provide with real-time news based on your interested category. The user can get the notifications from their subscriptions of reputed news sites on their Google news. The search pattern from the users will be used to display news further to the user.

Android P

This was one of the news that developers were waiting for and it didn’t disappoint the developers at all. It has completely redesigned the Android operating system by changing the navigations, battery management, and application handling of the Android operating system. Apart from that Google has introduced new APIs that can support the core AI system that can create efficient Android App Development solution.

ML Kit

ML Kit is an SDK designed for the developers to especially integrate pre-built machine learning models for into applications. The interesting fact about ML Kit is that it is available for both iOS and Android developers. This has expanded the horizons for the utilization of AI into applications developed on all major platforms.

The first day of Google I/O was definitely filled with innovative discoveries that will definitely prove beneficial for developers as well as the users of Android. The applications of AI are efficiently used by Google to help the developers create efficient applications. The event will still run for two more days during which we can surely expect excellence from Google and the team working on these innovative features.

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