Medical Device Ecommerce Mobile App

  • React Native
  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • Android
  • iOS


Businesses are looking to expand their target audience and offer more solutions to users who are adapting to mobile applications. This is especially true for businesses that offer specialized products or services. Our client, a leading medical devices seller, wanted to streamline their operation and wanted an e-commerce-type mobile app. They connected with vrinsoft to develop mobile apps for both Android and iOS, which are available in English and Arabic. This case study will provide detailed information on how we approached and completed this project.

Project Highlights

  • Develop an E-commerce app for medical device purchasing.
  • Offer multilingual support for both English and Arabic language.
  • Provide detailed product pages with descriptions, features, and images.
  • Support ticket system for user inquiries about purchased devices.
  • Build a backend admin panel for product management, order tracking, and user management.
  • Integrated secure payment processing for a seamless and trustworthy online purchasing experience for medical devices.
  • Implemented a robust backend system with order tracking and status updates, facilitating efficient order processing for the client.


  • Develop a user-friendly mobile app for Android and iOS platforms.
  • Simplify order management and customer communication for the client.
  • Display clear categories and descriptions of the medical devices with the agency name.
  • Expand brand reach and visibility with the mobile app, attracting new customers.
  • Provide statistics, reporting, and analytics for the admin in the backend.


  • Leverage React Native for cost-effective cross-platform development.
  • Design a clean and intuitive user interface for a seamless buying experience.
  • Implement user account features like registration, order history tracking, and address book storage for faster checkouts.
  • Add a support ticket system to improve customer service.
  • Create e-commerce-based mobile applications to expand reach and availability.
  • Implement a scalable backend infrastructure to accommodate future growth.


  • Launched a user-friendly mobile app available on both Android and iOS devices.
  • Improved customer satisfaction with a user-friendly and informative app
  • Increased sales volume through a convenient mobile purchasing channel.

Our Client

Our client, the top medical device company, wanted to upgrade their sales channels and connect with more customers. They recognized that many people prefer to shop on mobile devices and wanted to take advantage of this trend. Their goal was to make it easier for customers to shop and to increase sales. They wanted to build mobile apps for both Android and iOS to reach a wider audience. To streamline their sales and orders, they needed a mobile app in both English and Arabic.

Client Requirements

  • Develop a mobile app for Android and iOS platforms.
  • Integrate e-commerce functionalities so users can directly purchase from the app.
  • Provide a user-friendly platform for browsing and searching products.
  • Offer features for managing customer accounts and support requests.

Proposed Solution

We suggested using a cross-platform mobile app development approach with React Native. This framework uses JavaScript and React components to create mobile apps for both Android and iOS that look and feel like native apps. Supporting the mobile app is a robust backend system built with PHP and MySQL. The mobile app allows clients to reach more people, simplify sales processes, and improve customer interaction. It provides a practical and informative platform for buying medical equipment for customers.

Why We Chose This Solution

To accommodate the client’s requirement to provide a seamless user experience, we use cross-platform app development with the React Native framework. Here is why we chose this solution.

  • React Native cross-platform capability reduced development time and costs.
  • We used PHP as it offers a reliable and secure framework for backend development.
  • For a scalable database solution to manage app data, we utilize MySQL.
  • The solution offered flexibility for future app enhancements and integrations.

Benefit of This Solution

By choosing this solution, we offered cost-effective app development services to help clients reach a broad target audience. We added e-commerce features to the app, which allow customers to purchase medical devices with ease. Admin panel offers complete control over the app content, products, and listing. With React Native, we offer a user-friendly and easy-to-navigate user interface with detailed descriptions and information on the product.

Key Features

Multilingual Support

The app interface and product information are available in multiple languages. This helps to cater to a wider audience and improve accessibility.

E-commerce Functionality

It allows customers to purchase medical devices online directly from the app. It has secure payment processing and shopping cart features, making the purchase process convenient and safe.

Detailed Product Listings

The app provides users with comprehensive product information. This includes descriptions, specifications, high-quality images, and videos. Users can have a clear understanding of each device before making a purchase.

Order Tracking and Notifications

keeps users updated with their order status through push notifications. It allows them to track their purchases in real time.

User Account Management

simplifies order history management, stores address books for faster checkouts and provides a support ticket system for raising inquiries and receiving assistance.

Agency Listings

showcases a network of associated partners for product distribution. Users can locate authorized dealers or distributors in their area.

Content Management System

allows easy updates to product information, policies, and other app content by the client. This ensures users have access to the latest details.

Secure Backend Administration

Provides control over user management, order processing, and reporting functionalities for the client, streamlining business operations.

Push Notifications

Enables targeted communication for promotions, order updates, and educational content, keeping users engaged and informed about relevant information.

Secure Payment Gateway

Ensures safe and reliable online transactions through integration with a secure payment gateway, protecting customer financial data.

The Result

The developed mobile app was successfully launched on both Android and iOS platforms. The client is satisfied with the app development solutions as it received positive feedback. With multilingual support, clients can now offer their products to local and international customers.


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