Your IPhone is at a Risk of a serious attack from Hackers- Update it now to Ensure Safety of your Device

There are ample reasons for Apple users to get cautious. The company has issued an emergency update to protect devices from a virus threat. The update was issues soon after researchers found a new virus. The virus poses a huge threat as it allows hackers to hack your device in a matter of few seconds. The credit for the discovery goes to a lawyer who specializes in human rights. The most deadly feature of the virus is that it requires a single click for the device to be infected by the virus. Using the virus, hackers can easily hack Apple devices.

IPhone is at a Risk of a serious attack

Apple was quick to take cognizance of the threat and devised measures to protect the devices from the threat. The lawyer Ahmed Mansoor who exposed the threat was intelligent enough to avoid falling prey to it. Mansoor who is based in the UAE, became suspicious on receiving a text message promising to expose secrets regarding people who were suffering torture in the regime of the Islamic State.

In case the lawyer would have fallen prey to the threat, his phone would have been converted to a spy device with the capability to record all his calls and chats made through Viber and WhatsApp. It would have also effectively tracked his movements. Instances like these are rare but are extremely threatening. Experts are of the opinion that the spyware has been designed by a cyber-arms dealer of Israeli origin.

The hack has busted the myth that Apple devices are tough to hack. This is the first case of its kind and has bewildered Apple users across the world. It is deemed to be a sophisticated piece of espionage as it can allow users to control the device completely. The malware has the capability to steal all information from the phone. It also allows easy intercept of all messages and calls. All the communication mechanism in the phone can be accessed through this virus. Information from platforms like We Chat, Viber, WhatsApp, Skype, Facebook and Gmail app can easily be accessed through this virus. The advanced virus is hard to detect thereby posing a bigger threat.

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