Yik-Yak Clone Application

The Yik Yak app is a huge hit amongst youngsters. With a user base of around a million, which it attained in a span of a year, the app can be said to be extremely successful. The success of the app has encouraged many developers to build its clone and exploit the monetization and revenue earning opportunities available. Vrinsofts too has invested its resources on developing a clone of this app for iOS platforms. The expert developers at Vrinsoft have incorporated unique features in the apps similar to the anonymous social messaging app like Yik Yak. We believe in innovation and this belief has helped us explore our entrepreneurial capabilities. We provide innovative and advanced technology solutions to our clients which can help them face the challenges of the global markets. The entrepreneurial approach adopted by us has motivated our developers to develop unique apps. We also undertake marketing of the app in order to make it successful in the field of anonymous messaging apps.



What We Include?

Users typically receive upvotes for the famous posts and negative downvotes for posts that are not liked by others. If a post receives a downvote score of -5, it is automatically deleted.

Upvote and downvote



The app allows users to sneak peek into the posts of various communities. The posts from other clone apps can also be viewed. Users are however, restricted from posting into a community they are not a part of. They are allowed to post only in communities they are a part of.
These new tab allows users to view older posts. Posts older than one hour may however not be visible. The hot tab depicts posts that receive the most upvotes. Both these tabs act as time savers as users can concentrate on the most recent and popular posts.

New/Hot tabs


My Herd

The feature allows users to select a particular area or segment from which they prefer to view posts. This enables users to keep a track of the posts on the most preferred area or segment.
The app contains a word filter. The filter asks the user for confirmation for usage of offensive words. If a post with offensive words is posted, it is automatically removed after sometime. It may also be activated subsequently after certain words are replaced.

Hidden features


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