Whisper Clone Application

Meeting and sharing nowadays has been facilitated by technology. This has given rise to Secret and Whisper clone apps which make sharing and connecting easier. The experts at Vrinsofts can successfully create apps similar to these which have gained substantial market share in the past few years. Our goal is to provide high quality mobile chat applications for the convenience of users. Our experts take into account the dynamic technological environment and hence provide futuristic solutions to meet the requirements of clients. Our focus is not only on building apps, but also devising appropriate marketing strategies to ensure the success of the app. This dedication of our team members makes us a highly progressive brand name.



What We Include?

During the signup process, every user is assigned a unique and anonymous user name which can later be changed. The users can receive posts from across the world, share their own posts or interact with posts made by other users.

Sign up process


Interface and design

The elegant and functional timeline of the app allows users to scroll through various feeds vertically. Each feed consists of information like the number of likes received and the anonymous person who may have posted the feed at the bottom.
A unique feature of the app is that it automatically searches for a relevant picture, and posts it along with the text posted by the user. The pictures are unique and fun. Users however, may also change the picture according to their preference.

Automatic internet image



The private messaging feature of the app also allows users to indulge in private messaging.
The app focuses on maintaining anonymity. It does not make use of assigned usernames. The users can interact with others through comment threads. This protects the anonymity of users as there is no reference made to the other posts made by a particular user.

Maintaining anonymity


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