Whatsapp Clone Application

Whatsapp is the most widely used instant messaging app. The clone of this popular app comes equipped with many features. If you plan to launch an instant messaging app on the lines of Whatsapp, Vrinsofts can be your perfect choice. The experts at Vrinsofts can help in building the cross platform app that promises to deliver high performance. We are well equipped to handle various kinds of challenges that may arise during the course of development of the app. The app can provide numerous benefits ranging from single to group chat option. At Vrinsoft, we believe in innovation. Our creative developers can incorporate unique features in the clone app that can help in making the app a success. Our development services are reliable and focused on developing the app in the best possible manner.



What We Include?

The chat history of the app is saved and synchronized on the history screen. In case users change their profile image, the same is reflected on the screen. The read status of the messages is updated and the most recent chat is displayed on the top. These tasks are managed by the source code and saved on the drive of the authorized email id provided.

Chat history


Synchronization of phone contacts

As soon as the user registers on the app, all phone contacts are automatically synchronized and visible on the app. The contacts added later are visible on the favourites page of the app.
The app allows users to share contacts, videos and images from the same chat window. The media content can also be acquired from the chat history.

Data sharing


Audio and video call feature

Audio and video calls can be made from the app via WebRTC feature. This enables users to connect with others. The system which is developed in Socket.IO uses the prebuilt Node JS software.
The app integrates with Facebook. The picture can be imported from Facebook while registering and is uploaded to the server for records.

Social media integration


Admin panel

The admin can moderate and control the app. The total messages exchanged in the platform can be viewed by the admin. Customization may also be done by the admin to suit specific needs.


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