What is in store for UWP and Windows 10

The biggest change Microsoft has introduced in its operating systems is the Windows 10. It boasts of a new design and some amazing features. Few of them include a new platform, notification centre, personal assistant and many more.

UWP and Windows 10

The new platform adopted by windows is known as UWP. It has replaced the Win 32 platform which is being used since 1993. The UWP however has lesser programming interfaces than the Win 32. The UWP apps have successfully gained new API’s with the major Windows 10 releases. These releases have made it easier for apps to replace the Win 32.

Presently, UWP is being used as a limited addition to various programs. The most commonly used Win 32 programs included Chrome, 7zip, GIMP, Spotify, Word and many more. Replacements are however available for a number of apps like 8zip, Express, Photoshop, Groove Music, Word Mobile, Edge and many more. However, these apps are underpowered due to lack of API’s. The lack of a ‘plug into’ makes it difficult for developers to create better apps.
Microsoft is increasingly focusing on various types of UWP apps. The biggest advantage of UWP is that it has the capability of supporting various devices like tablet, laptop, computer, gaming consoles and many more.

It is predicted that the mobile version will decline in the near future. Xbox is predicted to grow while PC sales are predicted to fall. Microsoft has realized that PC’s are soon going to be a thing of the past. However, Microsoft is expected to focus on the mobile market. The acquisition of Xamarin by Microsoft earlier this year has enhanced the prospects for Microsoft. This aspect proves beneficial for developers in Software Development Company. Xamarin can effectively be used to develop apps for both iOS and Android platforms.

Microsoft is all set to change the PC usage experience with the introduction of HoloLens. This will allow users to use the Bluetooth keyboard. They will be able to perform various tasks without a screen. It also offers unlimited cloud storage for various devices. With the UWP, Microsoft aims at retaining its market share.