Web Designing Trends to be expected in year 2016

Considering mentality & demand of people, web designing is a field that moves rapidly. Distinctive trends are came and go frequently regarding popular fashion and expectations of public. Tech nerds adopt advanced changes and apply into designs, so we got incredible and current emerged sites helps upgrade business. Let’s see here, which trends we expect to see in recent 2016 and little movements taking part in the competitive web designing industry.web designing company IndiaNatural photography and cinemagraphs:

According to the analysis, most information transmitted to the human mind is – visual effects. As it proceeds rapidly rather than text. So it is a feasible solution for a proficient web designer is implement stock photography in upcoming website designs which leads more attraction and eyes of the users on it. Besides this, cinemagraphs become well-liked for advertising, live photography because it successfully gets more magnetism than static images.

Animation abundance:

Depending on user’s expectations, web designing must require extravagant, richer, more dynamic, fluent, personalized and digital experience. As per growing animations scenario, more smartly animations used in designs get more attraction. Larger animations creates big impacts and entertainment with small dosage rather smaller one, but keeping in mind- don’t overdo.

Css3 and hamburger menus:

In popular browsers, css3 advanced modules were used and will apply in upcoming time safely. Using this, the layout of the site will not change hugely, but the coding becoming more realistic and may easily edit further.

Commonly we will see web content on mobile devices, so that most creative web designers of leading Web Designing Company India apply hamburger menus for providing a better user experience with hiding navigation views to adding more functionalities. But this facility is liable and effective until it efficiently fitted with proper navigation pathways.

Bold and beautiful font styles and colours:

It’s not a time stick to use old boring black and simpler style fonts everywhere. Because today, bold web fonts are demanded in 2016 with some funky styles. But, considering corporate websites, manipulate plain decent fonts.

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