Few Reasons why Videos mark the Future of SEO and Content Marketing

Video is on its way of transforming the way content and SEO marketing is done. It promises to be a game changer for entrepreneurs who look for ways for reaching out to a la rger audience. Many kick starter campaigns rely on videos to reach to a wider audience. Videos possess the power of description and storytelling which can be utilized to hold the interest of people. Video is all set to become the future of SEO and content marketing considering the following factors:

Videos mark the Future of SEO

More Traffic

Statistics reveal that average internet users spend approximately 88% of their time on videos. It is estimated that approximately 50% of the mobile traffic is utilized on videos. According to estimates, by 2019, videos are expected to constitute around 80% of mobile traffic. Considering these statistics and estimates, entrepreneurs may devise strategies to use video as the platform for defining the flow of content.

More ROI

It is believed that by incorporating videos on landing pages, the conversion rate can be increased to 80%. Research has established that approximately 64% consumers tend to buy products after watching introductory videos that define the characteristics of the product. This implies that videos can generate higher value for money for the companies which use them for content marketing.

More Viewers

Approximately 60% video viewers tend to watch a considerable part of the video. This promises a higher level of engagement and retention. Videos have hence become one of the most preferred methods of communication to reach out to people.

More SEO

Research establishes that most people prefer videos than texts as search engine results. This is because videos are interesting and eye catching. They hold the attention of the audience for a longer time. It is hence important for entrepreneurs to ensure that the title of videos posted on YouTube and other platforms matches the most searched keywords for the particular subject or topic.

More email clicks

Emails that contain videos generally record more clicks. It is estimated that the clicks can increase by as much as 300% when videos are included with a subject line stating the same. A good SEO Company India can effectively make use of this knowledge to reach out to a wider audience.

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