Viber Clone Application

In the digital age, many applications like Viber that possess good features have become immensely popular. It is successful in the app stores and enjoys a good market share. With technology improvements and advancements being made every single day, it is important to explore unique options that can capture the market. One way to do that is by cloning the successful apps. At Vrinsofts, we put to use our skills and experience to create clone apps for instant messaging. We offer cost effective and customized solutions to develop good quality clone apps. Our expert developers possess the required knowledge to develop instant messaging apps that are capable of generating high returns. The team of skilled and dedicated developers makes all possible efforts to develop quality apps loaded with the latest features. These apps can successfully achieve the business objectives.



What We Include?

The security feature of the apps allows users to restrict the number of people who can see their status and inappropriate contacts may also be blocked. The app uses encrypted password storage and allows users to deactivate accounts.



Synchronization of phone contacts

When the user registers on the app, the phone contacts of the users are automatically synchronized in the clone app. The synced contacts become visible on the app. The app also automatically syncs the new contacts which may be added by the user.
The chat window allows users to share various types of data. Location, contacts, images and videos can easily be shared with other users. The media content, which is acquired from the chat history, can automatically restore defaults.

Data sharing


Social media integration

While registering on the app, users can easily import pictures from their Facebook account. The picture is then uploaded to the server.
Admins are provided with the facility to view the messages exchanged on the platform. The admin also has the right to control and moderate the application. They may also resort to customization in order to suit specific needs.

Admin panel


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