Uber Clone Application

Taxi apps like Uber offer high functionality. Vrinsofts provides expert solutions for developing various types of taxi apps. The company uses large databases to provide customized services to meet the requirements of clients. The database helps customers to get budget friendly taxi services that match their needs and requirements. Designing a clone app like Uber provides numerous advantages. It possesses most advanced features which enhances its appeal and popularity. At Vrinsofts, we can build customized Uber clone apps with good user interfaces in order to provide the best experience to clients. For all those people who run a taxi business or own a fleet of taxis, Vrinsoft can be the perfect solution provider.



What We Include?

The integrated analytics feature helps businesses easily calculate the returns received on investment. The payment status and the ride can both be represented in a graphical form. This helps businesses in framing strategies to improve the conversion rates of customers.

Integrated analytics


Multi location access

The app provides the facility to book a cab from any given location. Users can also book cabs for people at other locations. Multiple admins can gain access to the dispatches using the admin panel.
The app allows both drivers and customers to view and track their past rides and transactions. The entire history of past transactions is provided by the app.

Transaction history


Caller identification

The app provides details and identify of the passengers to the driver. The details provide the location of the passenger which helps him make a decision regarding accepting the request.
Drivers can make use of the signature capture feature to sign and send the request and payment mails to the admin for verification. All the statements hence have the driver’s signature before being mailed to the admin.

Online signature


Credit card payments

The app provides customers the facility of making credit and debit card payments. Various types of other electronic gateways and wallet money can also be used for making payments. Customers are hence saved from the hassle of carrying cash for making the payments.
The choice of using a single or separate app for the drivers depends on the requirements of the business and the environment it operates in. While some businesses may prefer using a single app, others may choose to use separate ones for the drivers and customers.

Single or separate app for drivers and customers


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