Top Unhacked Android App Ideas for Start-ups

Entrepreneurs are searching for the new ideas for Mobile Application development to start a new business with. “The value of an idea is in using of it”, because every app solution or new idea come with some solution to its pain point. Customers are highly obsessed with Mobile Applications which solve all their problems with just a click to go.

Android App Development

To satisfy customer’s need with upcoming new technology into Mobile app Development help to generate revenue for a business or a startup coming with all new ideas in 2018. With game-changing idea for Android apps we are here to debut and will absolutely soar your accounts.

Bad-Road Detector App

After Google Map all-new id Road detector, which helps to detect the section with bed road? I will smooth your travelling and easy to reach the destination without hurdles. It will analyze the bad track with a red line and accordingly makes a rating.

Call Recording App

With technology boost and need of data and call accuracy, it may happen to recall detail information that you had in telephonic conversation which may hard to remember. How about an app which analyses speech, record and makes a note of it? Now you can record each call and reply it accordingly.

Vacation Guide App

Yes, all new vacation app facilitate you and your family to enjoy by just relying on a single app. For start-ups, Vacation Guide App is perfect to start with which is evergreen and on demand while people used to go for vacation.

Say if you are new to the city, it’s nice to be something familiar with where an app can assist you to go further as per customer’s need. Cities will be overwhelmed by your app that satisfies visitors and can enjoy without any barrier.

Augmented Reality App

As per the research, MAR (Mobile Augmented Reality) Apps is forecasted to reach in billions by 2020. It is one of the robust technologies to work by combining virtual information that too with the environment.

Another way to use MAR is user can access to photos, videos and other information of specific place or restaurant by keeping a note of it. It gives the opportunity to vendors to explore their business worldwide through Augmented Reality application.

Business Bots App

As a part of customer service, Business Bots/ Chat Bots are featured for the quick and immediate result to the customer provided by Android App Development Company. Since a couple of years it has changed the scenario of services and with a lot, new innovations to it will change to serve the customer in a better way.

As businesses are more interacting through Business Bots for safe and quick response in the corporate world, according to the ratio, it will increase to 93% by 2020 from 30%.

Window-shopping App

Unlike traditional shopping or say window shopping is no more in demand where people want to go flexible with timing when shopping is a concern. Offline stores do have visiting hours where customers find online options to go with. The user can view online with all availability and can get into shop virtually.

With all New Year 2018, up your gear with new ideas of Android App Development. It’s never late to start a new business with, we as a Mobile App Development company are with you to facilitate you with revenue generation ideas to be implemented. Have a bright and successful start-up.

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