Top Ecommerce Trends That Will Drive Sales in 2019

The eCommerce industry is booming all around the world with increase of internet usage and mobile users. eCommerce sector is adding new customers every day to its existing list of customers while its service is constantly changing to achieve better user experience. In the densely populated countries like China and India, eCommerce has huge opportunity to grow and change to make in this digital environment.

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Here, we are going to discuss top eCommerce trends to follow in 2019 for more sale and revenue.

Mobile Apps for eCommerce

We all know that we are living in a mobile dominated era. According to a study conducted by Statista, about 42% of total internet users had made use of the mobile device to buy anything online and this number is expected to increase enormously in the coming years. Mobile app for online shopping has become a very vital factor for a successful eCommerce business as they provide a lot of features and regular updates to customers. Giant eCommerce stores like Amazon, Wall-mart, eBay, and others had launched their mobile app for shopping very long time ago. In today’s world, introducing a mobile shopping app is a necessary and beneficial step for any eCommerce store.

Better visual and video

Better product pictures and videos are the key factor in selling any product at an eCommerce store. Customers can’t see or touch a product on a website as they do at a physical shop, so it’s your responsibility to provide better value by showing them clear and accurate product pictures. Many surveys had proved that online stores having better product pictures and product videos has much more sales than other stores.

Virtual sale team

Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) are the trending terms of the eCommerce sector. AR and VR both create a more realistic environment for the customer to choose a better product for them. Moreover, many apparel eCommerce stores are using AR technology to give an accurate idea about clothes size and dimension to the customers. With the help of Chatbots, artificial intelligence (AI) technology is playing an important role in customer support service. A Chatbot is a technology which chats to a user with the best possible answer to their queries. These technologies help eCommerce stores to provide better service and support for customers without any human resources. These virtual and artificial technologies work together to form an effective sale team for an eCommerce store.

Image and voice search

Nowadays, people are looking for the easiest way to search for any product. Voice and Image searches are the best example of a simple and quick search. Voice-based search allows a user to enter search term without typing, while Image search provides hassle-free product search even if the user doesn’t know the name of the product. Optimizing your eCommerce website with voice SEO is essential because voice search is the future of the Internet. Big players of eCommerce industry had already added the feature of image search on their online stores. Adding image and voice search feature to your eCommerce website guarantees more customer repetition and traffic.

Fewer clicks

Surveys have shown that the more a consumer click the more they get irritate. Customers are always looking for a quick buy and this can be achieved by providing fewer clicks in their shopping journey. Wisely design your online store webpage which allows the customer to reach an exact product and check out page in fewer clicks. Adding more scrolling option can also improve the user shopping experience on your online store website.


New tactics mentioned in this post are the future trends for eCommerce development in India and other countries. Whether it is a mobile app, Chatbot, or image product search feature; all are meant to engage customers and increase conversion ratio for eCommerce stores. 2019 is the right time to adopt these new solutions for the eCommerce development process.

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