Tinder Clone Application

Vrinsofts can provide an amazing dating experience by rebuilding popular apps like Grindr, Swoon and Tinder. At Vrinsofts we provide the most advanced technology that can help in building user friendly and highly functional apps. We can help develop apps which resemble these popular apps. Extra features may be added and specialized techniques may be used for promoting and marketing the apps. These techniques can help in generating better returns on the investment made.



What We Include?

Google maps API, GPS tracking and various mobile based tracking mechanisms help users to track their matches. The GPS Geo fencing feature allows users to track suitable matches based on search location criteria.

Tracking matches


Social login

The app directly links to the social media accounts of users. The data from social media accounts is directly utilized to create user profiles. The app also seeks permission from the users before posting any content on social media.
The app is secure as it requires the users to verify the accounts created by call or SMS verifications. The authentication procedure is automatically integrated and all care is taken to ensure that the personal details of users are not revealed.

Secure authentication


Filter matches

The app allows users to filter matches based on various criteria like location, age and gender. Users can also view profiles and pictures of prospective matches and connect with mutual friends.


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