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About ticket booking app

We have long entered the digital revolution and we can see it permeate in almost every aspect of our daily life. With the increased use of smart-pads and smartphones, most of our routine activities can be taken care off while on the go. Not just this, but not people can book their flight, train or bus tickets online with the app. One such demand has given rise to the online ticket booking application in order to enhance the overall user experience.

The benefits of our ticket booking app
  • Quick and hassle-free booking

  • Security of personal information

  • One can book the tickets at anytime

  • High-quality app with distinctive features


$33 billion

Event tickets market generated more than $33 billion in revenues in 2018 itself

81.4 million

The sports event segment from this market is projected to touch 81.4 million users by 2022


Avg. Revenue Per User, or ARPU, in 2018 for this market amounted to $150.4 in the sports events segment
  • Instant chat and support for any concern
  • One can book the tickets as the window is open 24*7
  • One can select preferred language and currency
  • Modifying the upcoming bookings
  • Use according to the regions and get offers on app
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Basic Features of ticket booking app
App Users
User Side
Admin User

Basic Features

Login & Registration


Select Location

Manage Users

Search Movies & Advanced Search

Manage Movie Theatres / Vendors

Check Availability and Seat Selection with Layout

Manage Graphical Dashboards

Book / Cancel Tickets

Manage Current & Upcoming Events

Checkout with Ticket Info/Summary

Manage Orders

Select Payment Options

Manage Transactions

Manage Ticket Collection Options (M-Ticket,E-Ticket,Email PDF,Collect on Arrival)

Manage Offers

View Booking History

View Payment History

Push Notifications / Upcoming Events

Manage Settings

Promo Codes and Discount

Manage Dashboard

Loyalty & Reward Points

Analytics & Reports

Manage Profile




Ratings and Reviews


Cost of Ticket Booking App Development

$22000 USD

Innovative features

Real-Time Booking

This feature is beneficial for both the customers and the event operator. The operator can scrutinize the activities and the customer can book the ticket at any time and get the confirmation.

Secure Payment Options

The online Ticket Booking applications are integrated with highly secured third-party payment gateways like Paypal. It is a safe, easy and instant payment option for customers around the globe.

Credit Card Information storage

This feature allows customers to save their credit card information so that while booking the next journey, the user does not have to fill the information again and again.

What do we offer?

Business Segment

Mobile web apps-

We can make a ticket booking mobile app where the user can go through the app and book the tickets on different screens.

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On-demand apps

All you need to do is tell us your requirements and we will create an app that will satisfy all your demands.

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Customized ticket booking apps

We will set up some customized features in the app so that your app stand outs and give the flexible services to users.

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Are looking for the experts who can develop a ticket booking app for you?

Here is what we can do for you;
  • Our on-time project delivery and work expertise, as well as a professional and transparent approach, helps us to create a wonderful app

  • We will use most modern trends and technologies so that you can stay a step ahead from your rivalries

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24*7 functionalities

Easily manageable booking

Immediate assistance


When you choose us, we know you expect the best thus, we make sure that our team delivers an exceptional quality product that will meet your necessities and the users’ expectations. We never compromise even the slightest when it comes to quality.

Many clients have concerns about the transparency of the services company provide. However, we make sure that you know everything about what, how, and why we do. We ensure to have clear communications with clients to avoid misunderstandings in the future.

We excel in the diversified range of services, and concurrently we also provide flexibility to the clients. Our team is tapping into the power of technologies and uses the same optimally to deliver you the unsurpassed kind of services in the given time.

You want your business to transform into something great, and we visualize the same. That is why we strategize the whole model and deliver you under the budget price so that you get quality services at cost-effective prices.

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