The unique features offered by Android 6.0 Marshmallow

The Android 6.0 Marshmallow consists of a number of unique features that offer high functionality to users. Few of them include:

Android 6.0 Marshmallow

Lock Screen Voice Search

Unlike the earlier versions which only provided access to emergency calls and camera from a locked screen, the Marshmallow allows users to access Google voice search even when the screen is locked.

Security check

Marshmallow makes use of the latest monthly security patches which is available for carriers and manufacturers. For devices that are participant members of the monthly update program, the owners can easily check the status of the gadget by checking the Android security level which is available in Settings.

App permissions

Another Marshmallow feature is the facility it provides to toggle access of individual apps to certain phone functions. By using the Settings menu, users can effectively toggle specific phone features and exercise greater control over their device.

Google Live

The new Android version effectively concentrates all Google Settings at a single place. It allows users to access and edit their account information stored under many heads from a single section located in Settings menu.

The Smart Lock

The new Marshmallow has a Smart Lock feature specially designed for passwords. It saves users from the hassle of having to search for alpha numeric characters for the passwords. The feature is available in the Google Settings menu. The passwords for various Android apps are saved on the Google account and hence provide users the facility to save passwords on cloud. Using this feature, the passwords may be accessed from new devices effectively. The automatic sign in feature also allows users log on to various websites and apps connected to the account.

Power saving

The new Android version aims to save power. It makes inactive apps go in sleep mode and hence helps in saving power. Apps that update frequently may be added to the battery optimization list available in Settings menu in order to enable the device to save more power.

UI Tuner Menu

Another unique Marshmallow feature which can enhance the Android app development experience is the secret menu provided by the operating system. It is known as UI Tuner menu and may be enabled by using the gear icon. Activation of this menu allows users to play with numerous tweaks.

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