Shop till You Drop! Make Your Own Eminent Shopping App With These Amazing Ideas

A convenient quick fix specially made to makes lives of people easier, development of shopping apps is an elixir that lets people shop anything they desire while on the go.

Major companies that cited shopping as their driving force behind success, resorted to expanding their businesses online. Mammoth shopping companies like Amazon, eBay and IKEA credit a mobile application as the key for wider audience reach on a global scale as well as carving a niche in the e-commerce industry.

Local retail stores are threatened by this but shopping applications which were developed by various e-commerce companies are bringing in customers in huge masses and booming to the brink. With everything being available on the “net”, standard shopping apps bring convenience to your doorstep.

All the big mobile application stores are seeing a rapid rise in app numbers with companies vying to set up e-commerce availability for people to have an advanced shopping experience.


If you are someone who has a physical store or is looking to develop his own shopping empire and have an app that lets people have what they need at their fingertips, then now is the time. But first, you need to know what makes a shopping app appealing for the people who will be willing to shop at your store. We have mentioned some significant features that an ace shopping application should have.

Modernistic Features to Build an Impressive Shopping App of Your Dreams

  • Give what is seeked

Shoppers mainly use a shopping app only for two reasons: The first is to kill their time and the second being to buy something they desire. A search product tab allows shoppers to find what they are looking for and integrating this feature while developing a shopping app will ease the hassles of browsing through thousands of products.

A search product tab feature lets users select products from a wide range of product categories such as clothing, furniture, groceries or furniture making it simpler for the shoppers to add multiple products to the cart and buy stuff on the move.

Give what is seeked

  • Navigation through the app instead of the store

Keep the layout of the app clean and the details crisp. Shoppers find it menial to shop in a busy store; it might make them completely lose their faith in your brand if they have to navigate through a messy app.

While developing a shopping app, remember to design a rich layout that displays orderly content and looks spotless on the mobile screen. The shoppers should have a simple browsing experience on your online store without having to make frequent app adjustments.

  • Keep em’ updated with product tracking

Every shopper looks forward till the time they receive the product in hand. As every online store has their own period of delivery, the users prefer to stay updated about the product’s arrival.

A product tracking feature lets the shopper relate more to the brand, an engaging and interactive feature that instills belief and provides them with a clearer idea about stayin’ in to receive the product that they were waiting for since forever!


  • Wishlist for what is wished

A shopper can have their personal wardrobe to keep a tab on their favourite items or desired products. A wishlist enables users to check the availability of the product (in case it runs out of stock) as well as get an insight on other shoppers who have their eyes set on the same item as well.

Create a wishlist feature into your shopping app to enhance every shopper’s shopping journey, setting no limit to “favourite” or “like” their fancied products.


  • Daily discounts, coupons and rewards

Surge sales drive with attractive discounts and offers that your shoppers will not be able to resist. It’s no surprise that people love free food or in this case free “anything” to drive them in numbers to stores.

Update discounts as well as coupons on a daily basis and set rewards using smart market strategies such as seasonal discounts, gift coupons and festive offers that equip users to shop up a storm and shut your store down making it a major sell-out.

Daily discounts, coupons and rewards

  • Chatbots

Chatbots are a brilliant AI technology that lends support to the users to have simple conversations where they can state their needs, gain insights or reach out to solve queries. For someone looking to develop a more advanced shopping app, a chatbot can provide around-the-clock customer support ensuring that the shopper has a hassle-free shopping time.


  • Ping em’ with push notifications

Push notifications are slowly gaining immense popularity as they directly connect with the shoppers. Integrating a push notifications feature in your shopping apps establishes a link between the shopper and the store, a mediator that modifies the shopper’s experience to become more personal.

Keep your customers (shoppers) constantly updated about the daily discounts, reward offers and coupon codes, attracting more audience and advancing sales spur.

Ping em' with push notifications

  • Integrate a payment gateway for your shoppers

Most online shoppers prefer to pay for their purchased products using online modes of payment such as net banking or by credit/debit cards, reducing the hassles of keeping cash in hand when the delivery executive arrives.

Putting convenience before anything else, integrate secure payment gateways for your shopping app for various modes of payment such as COD, card payment, net banking and PayPal that ensures that the shopper can indulge in safe payments without any transactional woes.

Integrate a payment gateway

  • Reviews and ratings

A shopper who is visiting your store for the first time is unaware and often indecisive in opting for the right choice that can make for a trusty shopping journey. Develop a reviews and rating feature in your shopping app that allows your shoppers or buyers to share and rate their shopping experience with your store.

New shoppers can refer to the reviews, compare rankings and decide on the best shopping app that could fulfill their needs. Integrating a reviews and ratings feature will also allow you to understand the various solutions that can be customized or integrated to upgrade your shopping app and its services.

Reviews and ratings

We hope these features helped you gain a clearer idea of the musts of a brilliant shopping app.

If you are a startup, company or a physical store looking to develop a custom shopping app for your brand and have some more questions regarding the Android and iPhone App Development do’s and don’ts then feel free to reach out to us as Vrinsoft is a leading IT company that excels in developing shopping apps and researching the best leverage solutions for you.

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