Reasons why Web Designers prefer responsive Web Designs for Websites

Using responsive web designs provides a number of benefits. It ensures an enhanced user experience which ultimately leads to increase in revenue and sales. Using responsive web designs hence enable a company to face competition in a better way.

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Benefits of Responsive Web Designs

Responsive web designs refer to the design of a website that adjusts according to the advice of the user. Responsive web designs provide high quality content and functionality to the user. It enables the users to navigate the website easily. The numerous benefits offered by them have made the technique popular in Web Design India.

High Rank in Google SEO

Responsive web designs give high SEO or Google search rankings to the website. Using responsive web designs enables it to be used on any device. This implies that companies do not need to design separate websites for laptops, desktops, mobile phones and tablets. This ensures that the website uses a single URL, which helps to increase its rank in SEO.

Higher Sales and revenue

A good SEO ranking by using responsive web design attracts traffic to the website. This positively impacts the sales and revenue. Since multiple websites are not required for various devices, it allows usage of a single style sheet. This enhances the user experience which ultimately leads to increase in sales.
Enhanced user experience

Using a responsive design enhances the experience users derive by viewing the pages and various blog posts on your websites. This leads to higher traffic on the website which increases the revenues.

Using Google Analytics

Most companies track the traffic on their websites by using Google Analytics. Having multiple websites for various devices can increase the money and time spent on getting analytics report. By using responsive web designs, all the analytics can be combined in a single report.

Avoid duplicate content penalties

When you are creating content for multiple websites for various kinds of devices, it becomes difficult to keep a track of it. This may lead to the issue of duplicate content on various websites. Google imposes penalties on duplicate content. This can reduce the ranking of the website. Repeated duplication of content can lead the website to be de indexed by Google. Having responsive web designs ensures that there is no duplication of content, since you are only required to post content on a single website.

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