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group-chatAn instant mobile messaging functionality for the simple and real time messaging. Meet the people over the globe and start sharing your feelings and thoughts instantly. There is no need to wait for him/her to accept your friend request. Make the friends by sending text messages and images. Extend the friend circle through the social media chatting and sharing. Connect with the global personalities as a friend and maintain your relations with them. View the list of all available users and start chatting with any of them directly. Stay in touch with your friends. The exclusive functionalities are:

  • Start chatting instantly with any of the users.
  • Share your ideas, thoughts and feelings instantly.
  • Exchange the unlimited images and text messages.
  • An absolute chat history of all the people you have connected in the past.
  • Mark your favorite friends by just tapping a star on their profiles.
  • Block the unwanted user or hesitating person immediately
  • Allows the users to set in-app sounds, preview and notifications


  • Start chatting without facing a procedure of sending and accepting friend requests.
  • Share the unlimited images and text messages .
  • Exchange your feelings with the people over the world.
  • Extend the friend circle without any boundaries.
  • Get the notifications with the appropriate settings of sound and preview.

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