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e-bookAn online bookstore is including the thoughts of amateur and professional authors. Find the books having content, beyond your expectation. It facilitates the users to download the books and read them offline. The authors or any common people can get their favorite book here in a digital form. Authors and writers upload the books and any app user is able to read those books. It is a library, including all types of books inside such as novel, story, fiction, non-fiction, poetry, essays, biographies, magazines, history, literature, technical, encyclopaedia, and much more. The best sellers for particular book categories are there. They are sharing their most creative thoughts.

Functionalities of the app

  • All the books available in a perfect format considering reader point of view
  • Online Readers can browse by book category or top seller
  • Bookmark a page for the most convenient reading again
  • In a specific book, apply filtering for any page number, word or sentence
  • Set a brightness according to the reader’s expediency.
  • The books of best sellers are easily available to view details and download it with more convinient
  • School students can take a reference of the online literature
  • Maintain my library to separate the books of your choice

Here are some reasons, why the users have to install the app?

  • Collection of a classic literature of the most popular writers.
  • A best platform for the people who are fond of reading.
  • Easily browse by the book category of your interest.
  • Search with the book name or author name directly.

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