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Product Catalog App benefits & Market Stats
Product Catalog App benefits

Product list

Product catalogue app solutions not only help businesses to gain more outreach.

Videos and slideshow

Product catalogue app is also an environment friendly solution.

Customer interaction

It keeps all the data safe and secured in order to analyse it at a later time for future insights.

About Product Catalogue App
About Product

Since the advent of digitalization, there is not much that the Internet cannot do and multiple organizations have adapted a product catalogue in their system, surprisingly a hit with the masses. A product catalogue app displays an all-inclusive detailed description about a vast range of products from electronics, household appliances, apparel to just about everything. With an impressive hit that a product catalogue is for a company, it has shot up the sales of disparate businesses, observing a huge advancement in customer line-up and paved a new forum for cyber biz.

Advantages of developing a product catalogue mobile application
What are the advantages

A product catalogue is a brilliant means to lay a pathway for easy online shopping on the go. Carve your niche in the market by developing a top-notch product catalogue mobile app to enrich the shopping competence for people.





Resource Team for Food Delivery

  • 1 UI Designer
  • 1-2 Android App Developers
  • 1-2 iOS App Developers
  • 1 Backend developer
  • 1 Quality Analyst
  • 1 Business Analyst
  • 1 Project Manager

Basic Features of Product Catalog App
Basic Features

App Users User End Admin user
Basic Features Login & Registration Login
Manage Profile Manage Dashboard
Select Products via Categories Manage Own Profile
Search Product Manage Users
View Products Manage Product Categories / Filters
View Images and Video of Product Manage Requests
Avail Coupon/Offer Manage Transactions / Payments
View Related Products View and Manage Orders
Add / Remove to Shopping Cart View Order History
Make Payment & Confirmation Manage Promo Code / Offers
Track the order Manage Invoices
Manage Social Sharing Manage Ratings and Reviews
View My Offers & My Wallet Dashboard
Push Notifications Analytics & Reports
Refer & Earn Settings
View Order History -
Settings -
Live Chat / Customer Support -
Star Ratings and Review -
Cost of Product Catalogue App Development $9000 USD

Develop your own product catalogue mobile application
Develop your own product

The impact that a product catalogue created for major companies propelled small-scale and medium-scale businesses to visualize multifarious concepts to integrate a custom product catalogue mobile app for surplus business progression. Establishing an eminent market presence with a product catalogue is vital to provide e-commerce services of quality products, feathering a better understanding for customers vying to opt for a standard shopping journey. Vrinsoft Technology is a leading IT company based in India, reputed for its high-class digital services that have provided premium futuristic solutions to develop personalized product catalogues for companies looking to build an e-commerce mobile app.

Our developers are expert solution-providers who understand your business goals and are success achievers who believe in delivering real-time product catalogue app services guaranteed to acquit apex results in the nick of time.

Unique selling points of product catalogue mobile application
Unique selling points

Massive social presence

Build a strong social media presence to enhance business drive and boost product sales by a multitude on well-known social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. With the right advertising strategies, forge an outstanding social image that mobilizes your product catalogue app to gain better acquisitions.

Easy-to-use 2-D mapping

Integrating zoom and 2-D mapping technology provides customers with a rich interface that imparts a finer understanding of the products and enables the end user in superior decision making.

Locate vendors geographically

Every successful product catalogue app demands the best vendors to lend their services in the form of quality product selling. A customer can have the upper-hand in choosing transcendent vendors on basis of geography i.e. areas and cities, with assurance that they'll receive only the most outstanding product.

What can you expect from teaming up with Vrinsoft Technology?

Our developers strive to excel in brilliant research-driven practices to come up with apex solutions for standard application development.

  • Vrinsoft Technology prides itself in being home to expert developers with over 8 years of experience in the IT industry, who are well-accustomed with the latest tools and are extremely skilled with various technologies to develop a custom product catalogue for a mobile application that adheres to your needs.
  • Team up with our dedicated professionals who are committed to build a project with mobile solutions that set you apart from your competitors.
  • Opt for a budget-friendly project idea that fits your vision and is highly cost-effective.

Technology Stack We use to develop

  • Android


  • Android Studio

    Android Studio

  • Fabric iOS

    Fabric iOS

  • Google Analytics

    Google Analytics

  • Google API

    Google API

  • MEAN Stack

    MEAN Stack

  • Mentis BT

    Mentis BT

  • Sass


  • swift iOS

    swift iOS

  • Xcode


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