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About Product Catalogue app

The online world has been moving towards the technology at fast pace. Thus we keep adopting modern techs for innovating and availing different basic needs to bring convenience to the Internet. Shopping for products online has undoubtedly set the foxiest trend of the 21st century that drives customers by numbers to the virtual store - A product catalogue mobile app is an effortless showcase (catalogue) of a list of products to simply attract online shoppers. We can develop an interactive foundation for procurement making online shopping your best experience yet.

Why is a product catalogue so useful?
  • The product can be found easily

  • Customers can make an informed decision.

  • Boost sales.

  • Maximizes customer reach

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  • Product list
    Product catalogue app solutions not only help businesses to gain more outreach.
  • Videos and slideshow
    Product catalogue app is also an environment friendly solution.
  • Customer interaction
    It keeps all the data safe and secured in order to analyse it at a later time for future insights.
  • User can set preference to find product

  • One can connect with nearby vendors

  • Easy to buy the product

  • Search bar helps in finding specific product

  • Build an empire of impressed customers

Basic Features of ticket booking app
App Users
User End
Admin User
Basic FeaturesLogin & RegistrationLogin
Manage ProfileManage Dashboard
Select Products via CategoriesManage Own Profile
Search ProductManage Users
View ProductsManage Product Categories / Filters
View Images and Video of ProductManage Requests
Avail Coupon/OfferManage Transactions / Payments
View Related ProductsView and Manage Orders
Add / Remove to Shopping CartView Order History
Make Payment & ConfirmationManage Promo Code / Offers
Track the orderManage Invoices
Manage Social SharingManage Ratings and Reviews
View My Offers & My WalletDashboard
Push NotificationsAnalytics & Reports
Refer & EarnSettings
View Order History-
Live Chat / Customer Support-
Star Ratings and Review-
Cost of Product Catalogue App Development$9000 USD
Innovative features

Massive social presence

Build a strong social media presence to enhance business drive and boost product sales by a multitude on well-known social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. With the right advertising strategies, forge an outstanding social image that mobilizes your product catalogue app to gain better acquisitions.

Easy-to-use 2-D mapping

Integrating zoom and 2-D mapping technology provides customers with a rich interface that imparts a finer understanding of the products and enables the end user in superior decision making.

Locate vendors geographically

Every successful product catalogue app demands the best vendors to lend their services in the form of quality product selling. A customer can have the upper-hand in choosing transcendent vendors on basis of geography i.e. areas and cities, with assurance that they'll receive only the most outstanding product.

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