Nanoknee is a platform that provides knee replacement treatments, and the client wanted us to design two apps, one for the doctor and the other for the patient. We tried our best to compose a dynamic app for them with some distinctive features.


IOS & Android


Health & Fitness - Medical




Firebase, Google API, Diplink

  • Live Video Integration

    The app has Agora video call Integration

  • Multiple User Type

    There are two apps for-Doctor, Patient user type

  • Fitpolo H705

    The app has a tracker, which records Heartbeat, step, and Sleep Tracker (FitpoloH705)

  • Video Library

    The app also has the AV Player Video Integration

  • Deeplink

    Firebase Deeplink is installed in the app


Key Challenges

  • The client wanted to add the feature of video consultation in-app

  • They also wanted to add an accurate tracker

  • Video library options for the patients so they can explore more

  • The app that guides the patient as well as provides 3D blueprinting

Key Result

  • Our proficient developers made sure that the feature of the video consultation is of good quality and works fine

  • We established the app with an accurate tracker that will calculate the heartbeats

  • Our designers and developers together bought the video library options by using advanced methodologies

  • We used augmented reality for 3D blueprinting, and it guides the patient in the best way possible


Thanked us for what we did

We wanted an app that eases the work of patients and doctors, and Vrinsoft did use the best of solutions to meet our needs. The optimally used the technologies in order to create the app that helps everyone. We are glad that we employed Vrinsoft, and we will partner with them for more custom-made services.


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