PMP Certified Project Manager: Reasons Behind the Growing Demand

PMP Certified Project Manager: Reasons Behind the Growing Demand


Every industry and business depend on project management. In IT industries, the whole segment hinges on the successful completion of projects. That’s why companies are looking for an experienced project managers to handle their work. However, as the demand rises through the roof, the scarcity of the right talents grows even further. A PMP certified project manager is a gold standard for any management team and that’s why they are always in demand.  here is why companies Hire Certified Project Manager and what makes them special.

What is PMP Certified Project Manager? 

Project management professionals are globally certified managers. Those who project managers who have passed the PMP exams and received the certifications are valued highly among all businesses. PMP certifications are considered as a gold standard for any project management individual. It indicates the vast knowledge and deep experience of the manager to handle any challenges that arise during project. The exam for certification is extremely hard and only handful of professionals can get certified. PMP certification indicates that the manager has all the quality that requires for successful completion of any project. It’s a badge of honor and highly recognizable quality.

What Value a PMP Certified Project Manager Provides? 

Project management is a very taxing job as they need to manage the entirety of the work, from start to finish. There are certain skill set are expected from a project manager to handle any type of work. Experience, expertise, leadership capabilities are just few qualities that makes a successful project manager.  

PMP certification exams tests all type of capabilities of a manager. The exams are designs to check their skills like experiences, leadership, problem solving, decision making, technical knowledge, team building and more. Once a candidate passed the exam, it indicates that they have all the skills and potential of a successful project manager.

Why Companies Search for a PMP Certified Project Manager? 

When companies are looking for a project manager, they do take multiple interviews before hiring any PM. However, no one can forecast the problems and hurdles a project face until it’s too late. Which means companies need to find a PM that can handle all types of difficulties and yet successful complete the work. All of this cannot be determined by past experience or knowledge. That’s why companies rely on PMP certification, because only the worthy candidate can pass the exam. It will save precious time and expenses on employer part and they can rest assured by the capabilities of a PMP certified project manager.

Here are some of the reasons why PMP certified Project managers are always in demand.

  • Planning and Predication

All successful projects require careful planning and coordination. There are many aspects of projects, different skill set, types, timeline and other parts which need to be designed well. A good plan is like a well-oiled machine that cannot be stopped by any issues.  

Apart from planning, a project manager needs to forecast the problem they may face in the future. No plan is foolproof and that’s why project managers have contingency in place. Most Software Development Companies faces this issue in every project as there are hundreds of possibilities of something going wrong. From apps or software design to features and framework, project manager should always have a backup plan to solve the issue.

  • Skills and Experience

You cannot guide your team mates through a problem if you cannot understand the issue. That’s why PMP certified project manager are always prefer over other. They need have the skill and know how to help their team mates and provide them guideline. An incompetent PM will blame his team worker and refuse to help in any way which indirectly affect the whole project. 

An experienced project manager understands the problem and use their expertise to solve it. PMP certified project managers have knowledge of their industries and they can find a way to resolve the issue as quickly as possible. Most IT companies look for a project manager who have experience in similar domain, so when they face a problem, they can guide other through their past experience. 

  • Communication 

Project managers have many responsibility like communicating with the client and their team. Custom Software Development hires a capable project manager because they need to constantly update both employer and the client along with their team member. They are the catalyst between both clients and employees and they need to keep both them happy.  

Communication is also important between team and project manager. For example, if there is a project for Mobile App Development Solution and the developers cannot provide constant update to the PM, it can hinder the progress and create miscommunication which might result in loss of revenue.

  • Scope and Quality management

The term “Scope” indicate the boundaries. For any project, we need to set a boundary and cannot go beyond it. Every project has a phase where things can get out of control and the work goes beyond the limits. A project manager can identify this problem earlier and steer the work on the right direction. Scope management can affect the total cost and duration of the project, which needs to be under control. 

Similarly, quality management is an integral part of project management. Especially in Software Development Companies where all aspects of the project need to be flawless. A programming bug or simple mistake can create a cascading effect of issues that can delay the project by months. A PMP certified project manager understands this risk and make sure that everything goes through wide range of tests before approaching the next stage.

  • Familiar with Latest Technology and Management Tools

Technology is moving like an unstoppable freight train and if project managers are not familiar with the latest technology in the industry, it can cause lots of damage. A highly skilled project manager can solve any problem eventually, but an informed project manager can solve the problem quickly. PMP certified project managers understand the latest trends and technology and they can easily adapt to it in order to complete the project. 

A project manager should understand and employ all types of management tools for faster turnaround time. Most clients prefer remote teams and every aspect of the project are connected through management tools. Project manager should take advantage of it to keep an eye on every member of the time while simultaneously update the clients on daily bases. 


Every business, companies, organization in every industry relies heavily on their project manager. They are the cornerstone of every project and team. That’s why most companies prefer to Hire Certified Project Manager. They have relevant skills and experience to complete the project on time and in budget. Vrinsoft has PMP certified project managers that can help any business with their IT projects and management.

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