Planning A Budget For Your On-demand Application

On-demand apps are the next wave of convenience for us. We use them to hire a ride, order a meal, book a table or an appointment, pay your bills and much more. If you have a service or product that can be delivered on-demand, it is almost obligatory on your part to get a mobile app developed for it. It is now extremely easy to get your Android app development and iOS app development done with Vrinsoft, with its experienced and dedicated manpower.

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On-demand apps have now become a part of our lives. We cannot see a day without them. Developing such an on-demand app is quite a subjective procedure, which needs to be done systematically. Here are a few tips which you can follow for preparing a budget for your on-demand app.

Market Domain and Type of app

Firstly, you need to decide which segment your app will cater to- will it be a transportation delivery app? A food delivery app? Or a home service delivery app. Once this is sorted, you need to identify the pain points which your customers are facing and how you want your app to be designed so that these pain points are solved.

Finding your target audience

Where is your target audience located? How often are they online? What is their online behaviour?

These are some of the questions you need to answer. You need to find your target audience for your app. This helps you to understand how the app has to be tailor made for this audience. The local trends also need to be taken into consideration while zeroing into your target audience

The Strategy of Convenience

People always seek convenience. If a restaurant offers a meal at Rs.100 nearby while a restaurant a little far away offers meals at Rs.80, people will still eat at the nearby restaurant as it is convenient to do so. Your app to needs to be designed in such a way that customers will find it extremely convenient to use the app as against using other means of purchase. Here are a few pointers that can give your app the edge when it comes to convenience-

  • Tracking ability- Giving your customers the ability to track their products when in transit lets them feel in control of their purchases. This will help them see how much time it will actually take to complete a particular purchase.
  • Seamless Payment Process- Allowing your customers the flexibility to pay in the way they want goes a long way in customer service. Many customers prefer to pay on delivery, while others prefer to pay with their debit or credit cards. You need to ensure that you have a payment gateway integrated accordingly.
  • Real-time communication- You can let your customers chat or call you directly from the app. This will help them to clear all their doubts whenever they have them.
  • Reviews and Ratings- New users always like to check the ratings and reviews before using the app. Be sure to inculcate this feature in your app.

Partnering with other businesses

With your app, you can partner with like-minded businesses which have complementary business interests. You can market your app as a ‘partner app’ to your target audience which can help you to increase registrations and services for cross-selling.


While planning the budget, you can sit with your Android App Development and iOS app development team and discuss the ways in which you would like the app to be like. These tips will come in handy to help you theorize the concept of your app which can then be coded by your development team.

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