The must Follow PHP Development Practices for a Professional Developer

The trainee developers can build the website using the PHP development platform. For the superlative website development, a developer must follow the best practices discussed below.

Manage a Document of the code:

Some practitioners and trained programmers even do not write the comments and maintain the code just because of their laziness. Writing some comments at the time of coding can help you to understand it better when you review in future.

Maintain a code standard:

To maintain a coding standard is must, if multiple programmers handle a specific project. The reputed PHP web development company trains the developers to maintain the standard for making a team project more accurate and productive.

Give the relevant variable and function names in coding:

It is a good practice to give the appropriate and meaningful names to the variables and functions. If the variable and function names are not at all related with their roles, then it becomes very difficult to understand them after sometime. Stuck with the proper naming standard and make a good habit to separate the words by the underscores.

Make use of error reporting ():

This is a very good function to spot the errors while development process. The most practiced developers build the flawless websites without any single error or bug. Developer can include E_ALL for reporting the errors of all kinds. Once you are done with the software development, then do not forget to disable this code, otherwise users will get unwanted messages.

Do not put phpinfo() in root directory:

This function facilitates the developer to view the current PHP information for your server. Do not put phpinfo() in the root directory as it creates many loopholes for the prying eyes or unauthenticated users. For the best practice, a developer can easily put this file on the server. Delete this file, once you have finished your work.

Encrypt the passwords:

The beginners and trainee programmers make a common mistake of storing the sensitive data directly in the database. Hackers are knowledgeable to break the protocols of common encryption codes. So, apply your own different logic to store the password and other sensitive data in the encrypted form.

Upgrade your PHP:

Many developers do not work with the upgraded versions. The renowned and professional developers only use the softwares with upgraded versions. The most recent versions always arrive with the new feature additions and performance improvement. Utilizing the latest versions let you work with some new bug fixes and security considerations.

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