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Android apps development Overview

An Overview: Android App Development

The Android platform is the fastest growing platform in the online world and our Android apps have been at the centre of attraction for many businesses. The Android platform is believed to be governing 5 out of every 9 devices in the world; our demographics suggest that the Android platform has wider reach to the audiences that use a mobile device.

Since the Android platform has evolved, we believe that there are many enterprises who would love to have an app developed for their business.

Benefits Of Android App Development

Our Android app development can help you to develop a mobile platform for your business by helping your business develop and secure a fresh set of audience for your enterprise. Technologically, we believe Android apps are much easy to develop and hence it is cost efficient to get your Android app developed.

  • Open source

    Open source

    The Android platform is open source from its core which allows our developers to add customized solution for your Android app.

  • Robust-framework


    The Android platform gives your Android app a strong framework that allows our developers to device the best Android apps such as games, social media apps etc.

  • Wide user reach

    Wide user reach

    The Android platform is adopted by many users as well as mobile device industries and can give our developed Android app a wider user base in the market.

  • Customizable Interface

    Customizable Interface

    The developed Android apps have certain features that are customized and this flexibility is only possible due to the open-source of Android platform.

Android apps development

Android App Development at Vrinsoft Technology

Vrinsoft technology provides the best Android app development solutions in the market and the app that the client wants to develop can be developed easily with the technologies and tools that our developers use. The Android app designed by us is developed according to the parameters set by clients and our developers can integrate any feature in the Android app which can make the application engaging and personalized for the user.

Android apps development

Our Android App Development Approach

The Android app development approach that Vrinsoft employs is completely robust. Our developers make extensive use of resources to accomplish the development goals and successfully deliver the project. We employ a healthy and effective approach to our Android App Development for the successful completion of the app development.

  • Flexible and scalable Android app development
  • Bug-free Android app development
  • Complete Android app development and deployment
  • Client focused Android app development approach
  • Android App maintenance and Support

Our Android App Development Process

With over 10+ years of experience in our pocket, our successful Android app ventures have strengthened our knack for visualizing creative mobile solutions that are easy to process and bring about a revolution of innovative Android schemes for business progression.

  • Breakthrough


    Gather around with a highly-driven team that works to make your business app idea into a reality.

  • Floor Plan

    Floor Plan

    Dive further into the projected app and analyze profitable future prospects for your business.

  • Design


    Next, create a business structure that is solid and sound, ensured to result in equitable outcomes.

  • Development


    With some extensive coding action happening, our Android app developers will forge the best mobile app for you.

  • Testing & Launch

    Testing & Launch

    Ensure that the system is fool-proof and free of bugs; get some quality testers to "test" your online app before it goes live.

  • Maintenance


    Our app maintenance support services aim to keep your app active and updated, always.

Our Android App Development Services

We have worked across a wide vertical of Android applications over the years which has allowed us to become a reliable development partner in the industry. We have helped various businesses to achieve their goals in wide domains. We have served clients belonging to various industries such as real estate, travel, finance, shipping, online taxi business, healthcare and more.

  • Custom Android App development

    Custom Android App development

    The open-source nature of Android platform allows us to integrate personalized features in the Android app that we develop.

  • Enterprise Android App Development

    Enterprise Android App Development

    Developers at Vrinsoft have developed Android apps that can handle basic functionalities of an Enterprise such as Employee handling, project report management etc.

  • Android Games Development

    Android Games Development

    We have been known as Interactive and engaging game developers in the industry. We can develop games that belong to RPG, strategic, arcade etc categories.

  • Android Social media App Development

    Android Social media App Development

    Social media applications are one of the most used applications on the planet. We can develop Android apps that can include features like multi-media sharing and voice and video calling etc.

  • M-commerce Android App Development

    M-commerce Android App Development

    Vrinsoft have developed M-commerce applications on Android platform where there are features included such as the AR product showcase, payment integrated shopping cart, etc.

  • Travel & Tourism Android App Development

    Travel & Tourism Android App Development

    The travel & tourism applications have been developed at Vrinsoft. Features such as geo-location, live tracking, tourism infographics etc are included in the developed application.

Why Choose Vrinsoft Technology For Your
Android App Development?

Round the clock communication

Our Android app developers are available round the clock for their client. They attend all queries and solve it within the promised time frame.

Flexibility and Scalability

The Android development at Vrinsoft is completely flexible which means that the development is accomplished according to the client’s demands. The Android app is developed with robust infrastructure and secured encryption.

Customizable feature integration

Features in the Android app are completely customizable which is possible due to the open source nature of Android platform and innovation of the developer.

Thorough Android app testing

The development of Android app is no doubt the best at Vrinsoft but the key feature that gives an app the quality is the testing. We perform complete top to bottom testing with advance test cases which gives the app the quality that it deserves.

Some from our Case Studies


Appy Parking is an application that helps the user to find an ideal parking spot near their location. The application also allows the user to have a street view of the street in which they choose to park. The data from the application are real time and are updated every minute.

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The Flexipool application allows the user to socialize during their rides. The application allows the user to create a carpool and get cheaper ride costs by sharing the ride. This application can also help reduce the traffic and makes the driver eligible for HOV lanes.

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FlexiPool 1

One Touch Protect

One touch protect is a password manager that serves as a Fort Knox for the user’s online account passwords, credit/debit card details, personal documents such as driver’s licence, passport, identification cards, etc. It is a cyber vault where the user can organize sensitive documents, generate secure passwords, and even secure share sensitive documents and password to other users who will only have access to the credentials for a limited time that the sender sets.

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One Touch Protect


Washe is a service on demand application that provides its user with a car wash service in the province of Florida and California. The user can order a carwash from the application after which a qualified mobile detailer will arrive to deliver the service at your location. The user can track the washer in real-time using the GPS option along with the complete details of the detailer.

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