Latest Web Development Trends That Is Beneficial For a Business Platform

The website is a great platform for conducting business and there are many businesses who have found success after they stepped into the digital platform. The businesses have made profits using the web platform and their services. The web platform itself has evolved to great extents over the years with the introduction of latest tools and technologies. There are many development languages and tools used in the development of the website such as HTML5, CSS3, which have enhanced the UX/UI design on the websites that are developed.


This year has brought many changes and trends in the development module of the website. The developers have tried to adopt the trends and implement in the websites that they are developing using the latest tools and languages of development. Some of these trends are present in the mobile app development sector but now it has invaded the web development platform. Here are some web development trends that will help you to understand the potential of the technologies in the business.

Single Page Websites

This is a new trend where the complete website is integrated into a single page which has made the development of the website easier. The complete design of the page is only made for a single page. This types of websites are getting more recognition as they are elegant and have expressive designs. Hence this is a new development trend for that has amazed the website development industry.

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

This trend follows from the beginning of the year 2018 and the developers have perfected the technology by making the data accessible to the user at a fast pace. Web developers are using many tools to add AMP in their mobile application as it can enhance the UX/UI of the website. This trend has also created a positive effect on the businesses who have used it on their website.

Chatbots and online supports

There are many chatbot software available for the website and even online support chat interface like zendesk, liveagent, help scout, etc. This software can help the user to surf with ease on your website. They can even contact you if they have any queries related to your project or your services. There are many businesses who appoint a special team that can take down the user’s queries and problems and then solves them accordingly.

Motion UI

The motion UI of the website allows the user to find service options and information easily on the website. It makes the design of the website simple and saves the user from any complications. The headers and background animations are motion based which moves according to the scroll on the website. This is only possible because of the JavaScript and CSS scripts that are used together. Hence motion UI is a great new trend that has developed over time and will be seen more on many websites.

Here are some of the Web Development trends that are in discussion currently. Many developers have tried to integrate these development trends into the websites that they have developed that have resulted in a growth of their business. If you own a business and are looking for a website make sure to include these development trends on your website for positive impact on your business.

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