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The team at Vrinsoft can help you build clone apps for Android and iOS operating systems. These apps can help in achieving the ultimate goal of earning good revenues from the app. The experts at Vrinsoft can develop a clone of the popular app Kik that can work efficiently on various operating systems. We also offer customization of apps to suit the specific requirements of our clients. Our expert skills and techniques have helped us to create a mark in the industry of clone app development. The apps developed by us are loaded with the latest features and can be customized to meet the requirements of our clients. The team at Vrinsoft can effectively develop clones of popular apps like Kik. Additional features like auto destruction can also be added in the app.



What’s new Include?

The app can help in brand promotion by allowing users to send logos to other people. The privacy feature of the app also enables users to hide the text from others.

Logo in messages


Check the image

The TinEye tool allows users to easily track the photos posted by other users. This helps users to stay away from people whose profiles are not authentic.
The app has a really cool feature using which you may easily trick your friends. By changing the status to ‘is typing’, users can leave their friends confused by making them think that a message is being typed whereas in reality it is not.

Trick people by changing the status


Social media integration

The app integrates with social media platforms like Facebook and allows users to import pictures on the app. The imported picture is automatically uploaded on the server of the app and is maintained as a record. This feature allows users to have a public conversation by monitoring celebrities.
The app can easily be downloaded on a PC. Users can easily maintain their conversations using their PC’s even at times when it may not be possible to use a phone.

Kik for PC


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